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Literature to review before you enroll in our Course:

Pollen photos, abstracts, articles, booklets and books

Lesson 1:
Use of bee pollen in the History of Mankind

Lesson 2:
Origin, Biology & Types of Bee Pollen

Lesson 3:

Importance of Pollination for the Life on Earth

Lesson 3:

Production, Collection, Processing, Storage of Bee Pollen

Lesson 4:

Characteristics (sensorial and physicochemical) of Bee Pollen

Lesson 5:

 Composition & Quality of Bee Pollen 

Lesson 6:

Properties, Effects, Mechanisms of Action of Bee Pollen 

Lesson 7:

Indications and Uses of Bee Pollen

Lesson 8:

Contra-Indications and Limits of Bee Pollen

Lesson 9:

Administration (Posology) of Bee Pollen

Lesson 10:

Preparations with Bee Pollen

Lesson 11:

Commercial products with Bee Pollen

Lesson 12:

Marketing of Bee Pollen

Lesson 13:

Legal issues on Bee Pollen

Cost: only 100 Euro and includes :

* all Lessons mentioned above

* correction of the PowerPoints made by the students

* coordination and then correction of the Pollen Thesis with around 40-50 pages, including the bibliography

* correction of the Final Pollen Exam

* private counseling on bee pollen

* sending the Certificate of Participation to the Pollen Course

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