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Dear Bee Friend,

In order to pre-register to our Pollen A-Z online Course you need to send us first the following data about yourself:


1. Your family and first name, age, gender and profession/occupation.

2. Your full address (with street number, phone, fax, e-mail, website, if available).

3. How did you find out about our Pollen Course ? Who told you to contact us?

4. Do you keep bees or have good contacts with your local beekeepers ?

5. Are you a member in your national/regional Beekeeping and/or Apitherapy Association?
If yes, since when?

6. Please list the first three reasons to join our Course.

7. What languages do you know best?

8. Please send us your Curriculum vitae. One page on your educational and professional background is enough.

9. A clear photo of yours in a “jpeg” format (maximum size please 500 Kbytes).

10. If you will be accepted to our Pollen Course, as a new student, how would you like to pay your Course fees:

a) via wire transfer;

b) via PayPal?


The duration of the Course is 100% up to you. Most of the students are finishing their Courses after 6-18 months of study.

As the Course is transmitted step by step, via E-mail, the total duration of your study depends entirely on you.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Stefan Stangaciu
Pollen Online Course Lecturer

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