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There is an incredible amount of scientific information available on bee products and apitherapy! It is most important to find out where this information is located.

Some of the most important sources are as follows:

“Apitherapy News”

Apitherapy News publishes daily abstracts on some of the most interesting new articles, videos and events with links to the original source of information. It is one of the best on-line sources of information in the field of Apitherapy!


Each day at least one magazine publishes a scientifically related apitherapy article… There are thousands of Apitherapy related magazines, books, booklets, proceedings, theses, patents etc. available…


Over 7,000 references on medicinal properties and uses of bee products.
See more on Apither e-Library


The largest online medical library in the world is ” PUBMED “. To find apitherapy related information in this huge site, just insert the key words you are looking for, e.g.: “bee venom + arthritis”, “propolis + burns” or ” royal jelly + cancer ” etc.


The largest Documentary System in France: “Système universitaire de documentation” ( SUDOC )

If you know of any other source of scientific/practical information you would like to see it mentioned here, please, contact us.