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intensive apitherapy courses & workshops

Application form for the Intensive Apitherapy Course & Workshops (I.A.C.W.) with Dr. Stefan Stângaciu and his colleagues.

A good apitherapist should be able to master at least 20 Apitherapy techniques to be able to prevent and/or treat hundreds of diseases.

We offer in Romania and other countries 5 to 7 days of intensive training, hands-on workshops for beginnersadvanced and expert practitioners.

Next opportunityJune 05-10, 2023

Venue: Dr. Stangaciu’s Apitherapy  Center at Mereni – Contesti (Dambovita county), Romania

Day 1:

Practical aspects of Medicinal Bee Plants.
An introduction in Api-Phyto-Aromatherapy (how to find, cultivate and use the best medicinal bee plants).

Bee Biology and its relationship with Apitherapy

How to create and run a Medicinal Beekeeping Apiary; why is this important and how to get the best bee products for medicinal/therapeutically use. Why beekeepers live longer and better than the rest of the population…?

Mr Ciucasu at his apiary in Romania

23 videos on on Beehive Air Therapy

Synthesis on the bee products origin, characteristics, composition, properties, indications, contra-indications, limits, and administration (posologyof bee products.

Quality of beehive products: how to avoid being cheated by people and companies that sometimes  adulterate/fake the bee products.

Day 2 and 3

Practical details on Api-Pharmacopeia  

  • Administration techniques of all bee products, including bee pollen, bee bread, bee venom, floral honey, honeydew honey, propolis, beeswax, beehive air, bee sounds, royal jelly, and Apilarnil.
  • Best ways to make and use the bee product preparations (extracts, tinctures, creams, suppositories, ovules, eye drops, etc.) for healthvitality, and beauty.

Simple, cold extraction of active principles from propolis and bee pollen in olive oil

  Micro-filtered and diluted honey against eye diseases

How to combine a syringe with a 0,22-micrometer filter to obtain micro-filtered (and thus sterile) honey, pollen, bee bread, royal jelly, Apilarnil, and water propolis extract

How to make a bee venom injection

How to make bee stings without killing the bees

  • How to make an Apitherapy Cocktail, for the general public or specific to the individual needs of your patients/customers.

Day 4 and 5

Diagnostic methods : a) allopathic diagnostic ; b) complementary diagnostic (introduction to dermatoglyphology, iridodiagnostic, auriculodiagnostic, Chinese and Ayurvedic diagnostics).

Dr. Stângaciu’s „H-appy Cell Principle” as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool.

What are my own genetic, physical, psycho-emotional weaknesses/diagnostics?
Each student will be examined by Dr. Stângaciu and by the other participants as a „real” patient.

How to best design an Apitherapy protocol, specific to each patient/customer against diseases like the ones listed here.

How to best put into practice the knowledge and “know-how” acquired through our Courses and Workshops?
– as a beekeeper, how to sell now, „my apitherapy quality” beehive products;
– as a complementary therapist, how to improve now, the quality of life of my customers;
– as a naturopathic/medical doctor, how to treat now, my patients;
– how to create and run an Apitherapy Shop, including an on-line shop;
– how to create and run an Apitherapy Center/Spa/Clinic.

The topics can be adapted to the specific needs of each group, so please let us know first what would you like to learn and we will adapt the program to your needs.


     80 Euro/day/participant.

      For family members, students or graduates of our Apitherapy Internet Course (AIC) or of our previous Apitherapy Workshops we offer a generous 50% discount – 40 Euro/day/participant.


Application form for the Intensive Apitherapy Course & Workshops (IACW) with Dr. Stefan Stângaciu and his colleagues.

For any question please feel free to contact us.

Here below you can see a few photos from the Intensive Apitherapy Courses & Workshops we have (co)-organized in  over 50 countries and 5 continents:

German and international students in Passau (April 2014)

Berlin 2012 (organizer Olaf Kleinert – German Apitherapy Society)

In Terengganu, Malaysia, September 2012 (main organizer: Prof. Siti Amrah Sulaiman)

Happy students in Tenerife, Spain (August 2011)(organizer: Jose Ramon Hernandez)

Group of participants in San Cristobal, Venezuela (2005)

Morocco, Fez (May 2012)(organizer: Prof. Badiaa Lyoussi)

   In Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia (July 2012)(organizer: Prof. Ahmad Al-Khazim Al-Ghamdi)

Group of participants in Tlaxcala, Mexico (July 2006)(organizer: Miguel Adolfo Perez Falcon)

Some of our h-appy students in British Columbia, Canada at the Honeybee Centre (January 2016)(local organizer John Gibeau)

Group of students in Nitra, Slovakia (2009)(organizer: Prof. Robert Chlebo)

Group of Romanian students at one of our Api-Phytotherapy Intensive Courses (Romania, June 2015)

Group of German-speaking students at our Centre in Mereni, Romania (July 2015)

Makassar, Indonesia, Nov. 2013 (organizer: Prof. Veni Hadju)

Romania (Mereni, Contesti, Dambovita county), at Dr Stangaciu’s Apitherapy Center, participants from Slovakia, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, USA and Lebanon.

Group of participants from Romania, USA, Philippines, Nepal, and Germany during the Intensive Apitherapy Course & Workshops, April 2019



About the instructor:

Stefan Stangaciu is a medical doctor with extensive experience in Apitherapy (since 1991), trainer for medical doctors in Romania and (co)-organizer of over 30 international Apitherapy events all over the world.

You can check Stefan’s Curriculum vitae here.

For any question please feel free to contact us.



Application form for the Intensive Apitherapy Course & Workshops (I.A.C.W.) with Dr. Stefan Stângaciu and his colleagues.