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Pollen is besides a natural remedy, is also very good food.

As a food, it can be processed in every imaginable way: alone, powdered through a coffee grinder; mixed with yogurt; mixed with honey then with yogurt; mixed with juices (lemon, orange, apple, pineapple, etc., etc.); mixed with fruits: bananas, oranges, lemons, almonds, strawberries, cranberries, avocado, etc. mixed with vegetables: carrots, etc. mixed with cereals (ideally for breakfast, when combined with juices and yogurt);
mixed with wheat germs; added to a piece of bread with butter and honey, etc.

If you would like to become a good specialist in Bee Pollen, we strongly suggest you to:


  • ghada ibrahem

    iam intersted in bee therapy

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Contact in Egypt Mr. Prof. Ahmed Gaffer Hegazi and Prof. Mamdouh Abdulrhman. If interested to join our online, long-distance Apitherapy Internet Course, go to the "Courses" section of our website and then send us your application form.

  • Kelly Lee

    What does Apilarnal do for humans energy b complex etc health benefits

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Read all articles from our webpage: Come to Romania, the land where Apilarnil was rediscovered, to learn more.

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