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“Apilarnil” is another very important natural product obtained from the bee colony

The discoverer was a very famous Romanian beekeeper, Mr. Nicolae Iliesiu.

The word “Apilarnil” comes from:

  • API = the bee’s Latin name
  • LAR = larvae
  • N = the first letter from the inventor’s first name (Nicolae)
  • IL = the first two letters from the inventor’s family (last) name (ILIESIU).

This product is obtained from the whole content of 7-8 days old drone larvae comb cells.

         These comb cells contains:

  • Drone larvae (6-7 days old);
  • Specific nutrients for these larvae (larval food, honey, bee bread);
  • Traces of propolis etc.

From this “composition” we can conclude that Apilarnil can be referred to as the “male” side of royal jelly.