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  • Shawheen

    Hi, I live in Mississauga/Ontario and desperately looking for someone that does APITHERAPY. Please put me in touch with anyone in the GTA that offers this therapy in any way. Be it thru direct bee sting or cream that contains bee venom and any type of bee for that matter. Thank so much! /Shawheen

  • maria

    hi im looking for someone that does apitherapy near me. i live in brooklyn New York. thanks so much

  • Corey Sharpe

    Any apitherapy in the DC area?

  • Josie Stephens

    Hi. I am looking for someone that does Apitherapy near Raleigh, NC.

  • Ed Bartok

    Looking for someone in Mass, VT or NH that practices BVT. Thank-you

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Best is to join the American Apitherapy Society, at and then ask for their help.

    • Daniel

      Ed, I became aware of venom therapy 20 years ago when I was stung by four wasps and woke up the next morning totally pain free! I am now 82 and live in RI and also seek an apitherapy location. Eight years ago a retired dentist in Providence practiced apitherapy, but I think he has passed. Am looking for an apitherapist near Newport, RI. Thank you. .

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