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Canadian Apitherapy Association

Companies and Institutions

The Bee Shop (Oliver and Ayres Couto)

1340 Bloor St. West
Toronto, Ontario M6H 1P2
416 533-2337
1 855 414 2337
Store Hours Mon -Fri 10AM – 7PM, Saturday 10AM – 6PM, Sunday 11AM – 5PM Closed all Statutory Holidays.
Online store is:
Full line of Apitherapy products such as honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, bee venom, beeswax. Soaps, lip balms, shampoos, creams and polishes made with pure natural bee products.

“Honeybee Centre”

(John Gibeau, President )
7480 176 Street,
Surrey, British Columbia
Canada V3S 8E7
Telephone: (604) 575-BEES (2337)
Fax: (604) 575-2338
Website: +

Happyculture Inc.

PO Box 280

7770 Jaffray/Baynes Lake road
Jaffray, B.C.
V0B 1T0 Canada

“Annie’s Apitherapy Products”

20 Pleasant Road
Guelph, ON N1E 3Z3
Phone: 519-823-0947
Internet and online orders for Honey, Propolis, Bee Pollen, Royal jelly, Ear Candles, Bee Venom Ointment and Creams Go to: Angela and Mark Ysseldyk

“Herbamiel Enr.”

(Marie-Pierre Fortier) 
”Produits de la ruche, produits cosmétiques naturels, service de pollinisation et conseils santé d’apithérapie”
224 Anse-de-Roche, Sacré-Cœur, Quebec,
GOT 1Y0, Canada.
Téléphone: 418 236-8226 Cellulaire: 581 888-8226
Site web:
Suivez nous sur Facebook!


(Michael Simics)
Bee venom products and related supplies
9611 No. 4 Road,
British Columbia,
Canada, V7A 2Z1
Ph./Fax (604) 271 – 9414
Web pages:


(Ed Nowek, Owner)
Pollen, royal jelly, propolis products and links to other sites.
5011 Bella Vista Road,
Vernon British Columbia, Canada V1H 1A1
Phone (toll free): 1.877.233.9675
Phone: 250-542-8088
Fax: 250-542-8072

Irina and Ionel Alecu
Innisfil, ON, Canada

Carole El-Hage
bee healthy… and your body will thank you 🙂

“Bee King Canada”
Propolis Extract Resin, Propolis powder, Raw propolis, White beeswax, Yellow beeswax, Raw beeswax
Phone: 1 416 332 1297
Fax: 1 416 332 2936


“ROBAIR” Research Oriented Beekeeping
Natural Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Wax, and Venom (Fall 2005)
37 Lakeview Ave.
Grimsby, ON
L3M 3M3
Phone 1-905-309-7594
Fax 1-905-309-7699


3214 Route 910 Baltimore NB
E4H 1V5 Canada
Tel:1 506 734 3473
Fax:1 506 734 3475

(Ernie Fuhr, Owner)
Pollen producer for over 40 years
Mile 42 Alaska Hwy.
RR#1 Fort St John British Columbia, V1J 4M6, Canada.
Phone (+)250 785 4808.
Fax (+)250 785 2664.


(David Eyre, Owner)
9 Progress Dr, Unit 2,
Orillia, Ontario, L3V 6H1
Phone/fax 705-326-7171

(Fredrich Theo & Margaret)
2798 Cedar Rd.
Nanaimo, B.C. V9X 1K3
or Box 67 R.R. # 4
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 5X9
Phone: (250) 245-4214.

“Claphams Beeswax Products Ltd.
324 Le Feuvre Road, Abbotsford, B.C., Canada V4X 1A2
Toll Free: 1-800-667-2939 | Telephone: 604-856-2085 | Fax: 604-856-5501
E-mail :


• Katrina Brudzyski, Scientist, Adjunct Professor
15 Brairfield Crescent
St. Catherines, Ontario L2T 3T4
Phone: 905- 685-6812

Dr. Gard Otis,

University of Guelph
Tel: + 519-824-4120.


Robert Leadlay
37 Lakeview Ave.
Grimsby, ON
L3M 3M3
Phone 1-905-309-7594
Fax 1-905-309-7699

Kerry Clark
President of the BC Honey Producers


David Eyre
The Bee Works,
9 Progress Dr, Unit 2,
Orillia, Ontario, L3V 6H1
Phone/fax 705-326-7171




  • Pollen

    I want to try it its taste seems to be delicious and gorgeous but when we talk about healthy benefits of pollen i think that some studies says there isn’t enough evidence to consider bee pollen to be some magical healing elixir.

  • Michel Nardella

    My girlfriend has Lyme Disease. A lot of people get treated with the bee venom (Apitherapy). Is this treatment available in Quebec. If not where ? Thanks, Mike

  • Reza

    Hello I have a master degree of plant science i really like to be a Apitherapist , what should i do in this tegard? Tgank you

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      You need to learn a lot on Apitherapy itself... First step is to become a member of the Canadian Apitherapy Association... Then, to take our theoretical and practical intensive Courses. Check also our "Courses" section in our website. Become also member in the American Apitherapy Society...

      • Reza

        Thank you for your kind reply. How long will take to finish all the courses? Can i work as a certified apitherapist in canada after passing the course?

        • Stefan Stangaciu

          The legislation on apitherapy is not very clear, for now, but it will be in the coming years... A very important step for you too is to join CAA at:


    Hi team, Where can I get bee venom therapy in Toronto? Kindly provide me a list thanks a lot

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Go to the "Bee Shop" in Toronto and/or ask the members of the Canadian Apitherapy Association ( )

  • Paul Puddy

    As a beekeeper for the last forty years, I have helped treat many people for arthritic conditions from knees to MS, and have been active in stinging in groups Ontario back in Ontario. Now I have friends I would like to help who have with age encountered severe arthritis, particularly lumbar spinal stenosis. Honeydew, pollen, queen jelly and propolis are products I use in salves but I am specifically interested in venom treatment combined with chuna techniques and herbs in the treatment of this debilitating spinal stenosis. General courses do not interest me at the present time, though I appreciate the value that knowledge. Can you help me by providing specific information, links or the names of practicing physicians who are involved in these therapies?

    • stefan

      Dear Paul, You can not practice a method like Bee Venom Therapy (which has potentially huge benefits but also huge risks) without getting enough knowledge through online and practical Courses with experienced practitioners. Personal experience is not enough to cover all issues. I strongly advise you, as a first step, to join the Canadian Apitherapy Society and the American Apitherapy Society. You find the needed addresses of CAA and AAS here in our website. Good luck!!!

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