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American Apitherapy Society

Frederique Keller
491 Main Street
Northport, New York 11768 USA
Tel. 631-351-3521

Viktor Kukhar

(917) 957-7422

Certified Apitherapy practitioner. Lecturer, Educator and Speaker on apitherapy and bee-related subjects.

Member of American Apitherapy Society.

I provide lectures to different groups of people to widen interest and knowledge to both beekeepers and general public. Private, one to one advice sessions can also be arranged.

Acupressure with bee venom cream. Bee Sting therapy. High quality Bee and Bee Venom Products.

Charles Andros

Linden Apiaries since 1973
603-756-9056 Spring to mid November, 1-413-308-0550 (Ludlow, MA) Google Talk and Whatsapp
Skype: charlesandros, Facebook: cfandros
P. O. Box 165
Walpole, NH 03608-0165
United States of America
Speaker, Eastern Apicultural Society Conference 2001, on Propolis and Pollen Production
NH/VT Apiary Inspector 1978-1989
Keeper of 40 colonies for nuclei, unheated honey, fresh-frozen pollen, propolis tincture, beeswax, candles, workshops, beekeeping supplies, apitherapy, consulting, pollination, and Bee Complex facial.

Lady Spirit Moon Cerelli CB, NC, MH, CA

·        Founder/President of BEe Healing Guild, a non-profit, sponsoring the annual Gathering for the mind, body, and Spirit of and for the honeybee, humans, and Mother Earth.

·        Teach people how to sting for Lyme disease, scars, and on focal points of the body.

·        Teach Apitherapy and BEe Perspective Beekeeping (a no-treatment method) twice a year.

·        Lecturer, educator, writer, and author of bee-related subjects, including GMO and their chemicals.
Email: Lady@BEeHealing.Buzz


Cell: 1-828-606-2109

Gaylene Carson
On farm API Therapy room offering BVT and API-Air treatments.
130 Timber Trail, Westminster, South Carolina, USA
Ph: 864-710-3703

Donna Liebeskind
Pennsylvania, USA

Glenn Perry
Ojai, California

Maria Boer
Oregon, USA.

I have been practicing apitherapy for over 10 years and I have been fortunate to attend several conferences about apitherapy through the American Apitherapy Society