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Prof. Subrahmanyam Mutya (world expert in treatment of burns with honey)



Pushpendra Singh Bandari
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    as i met about the course of apitherapy in different countries,is it viable ? &reliable?I like to study about this therapy.can u help me?

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      There are many conditions to fulfill if you want to become a specialist or even an expert in Apitherapy. Theory is the first step, than the Practice. If you are a beekeeper and/or a health practitioner you can send us your application form to be evaluated.

  • Gopi

    Pl. give me the addresses of a specialist or an expert in Apitherapy in Kerala

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Unfortunately I do not know any Apitherapy specialist in Kerala... If you find any medical doctor wanting to be specialised in Apitherapy by us, just let us know. Tell him/her to study the "Courses" section of our website.

    • Shanthy sukumaran

      Interested to learn Apitherapybor Bee venom therapy . I am in chennai . Where can I get proper training . I am a reiki healer and master

      • Stefan Stangaciu

        You need first to master the human anatomy and physiology, to study biochemistry, anti-allergy measures, reanimation methods and only then you can go to the study of the theory (Apitherapy Internet Course; see the "Courses" section here in our website) and then you can go for the practice...

    • Ashok

      In Maharashtra, one Naturopath R. Kulkarni uses Bee-stings. There are good reports. However lot of research is essential. He goes to different towns including Katraj near Pune, Thane, Nasik, Aurangabad. Vidio on how Eknath Khadse has improved using the stings is available on YouTube.

      • Sandeep

        Dear Ashok. Hi, Can you pls provide dr. Kulkarnis contact number if possible then. I'm trying to search over internet but unfortunately I couldn't find. My number is 9833958398

  • Varun

    Request for contact of a apitherapist in Mumbai

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      For the time being I do not know any Apitherapist in Mumbai. Hopefully we will be able to organize in the future Intensive Apitherapy Courses in Mumbai (India), to specialize as many as possible therapists/ayurvedists in Apitherapy too.

    • Ramchandra More

      I want to take treatment of Apitherapy i.e.Honey bee sting venom treatment,and I am at Pune Maharashtra.Is there any such type ot treatment centers near by or at Pune,and if availanle will you please share their addresses and contact details..?

  • Alok Nandedkar

    Sir I am apitherapyest, now I am working in Maharashtra, I want to learn more about this, how can you help me?

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Yes, you can come to our Workshops in Romania, or we can organize together in India an Intensive Apitherapy and Apipuncture Course and Workshops, why not?

      • Alok Nandedkar

        sir please forward me, all information and expence of your corces, l want to start my apitherapy practice in, Maharashtra India

    • Mahendra

      Hello Alok I am looking for BVT and Aptheraphyest in Maharashtra to get live bee sting to cure parkinson. Please let me know if anyone who treat in maharashtra India.

      • Shivaji

        Yes. Mr.Laxman Bhilare, a/p- Bhilar, Near Mhanale shelar, Maharashtra, India. 9820516671.

    • Vidyadhar Athavale

      I'm interested in apitherapy treatment for my wife, where are you located in Maharashtra

  • Alok s. Nandedkar

    Thanks for your reply can You please let me know the duration of the course and how much expenditure for that work shop. Please let me know the details.

  • Swapnil Mukund Tikale

    Willing to learn & practice apitherapy. Already done courses in many alternative therapies & practicing since 8 years. Also have planned bee farming using organic farms. Please let me know nearest centre within India for practice & practical learning. Is it is available, I'll enroll.

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      As far as I know, there is no Apitherapy learning Centre in India, although there are a few people starting to learn it, on an individual basis. I strongly suggest you to take first our long distance Apitherapy Internet Course and then to come to Europe to learn the practical skills. See the "Courses" section in our website

  • Alok Nandedkar

    sir please forward me, all information and expence of your corces, l want to start my apitherapy practice in, Maharashtra India


    Hello sir , I completed masters in APICULTURE , I want to produce apitoxin commercially , can I get the details for selling

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Producing apitoxin is not an easy thing... Before you will start it, you must be 100% sure that you have enough customers to buy your product. To have customers you need to have well educated medical doctors and pharmacists that can use, promote and sell your product. So, start with the education part, creat the NEED, and then come with the product. India is a huge market for bee venom based products, but there are many, many producers of bee venom, all over the world, so the competition is strong.

  • Drsamar Ransing

    I’m interested Apitherpy course

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Thank you for your interest in Apitherapy and in our online Course. Please check all details on our Courses in the "Courses" section of our website. I will be waiting for your application form. Dr. Stefan Stangaciu

  • sajath

    Pls give me the address & contact number of the specialist or an expert of apitherapy in tamilnadu

  • Vinod V M

    Respected Sir, Is bee venom therapy (by direct stinging by bees) an approved practice by Govt in India? if yes, then what are the requirement for organizing such therapy in our locality Thank you,

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      As far as I know Apitherapy (which includes also Bee Venom Therapy) is not yet officially approved by the Indian government. To get the approval, the Indian Health Department should have a strong enough number of medical doctors and therapists highly knowledgeable in Apitherapy. To get the knowledge, detailed Courses must be offered... If you find interest at any level, we can start making the Know-How transfer to India.

  • Janak raj

    Sir, I have completed advance Master beekeeping training from CBRTI,Pune. I have 27year experience in beekeeping and have vast experience and other training of beekeping.On the basis of these training and experiences,can I start honey therapy

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      It depends what kind of honey therapy you want to offer... If it will be honey (detox) massage, or use of honey according to Ayurvedic rules and principles, as a food, I see no big problems, especially if you will cooperate closely with your local nutritionists and medical doctors. For a one year online training on Apitherapy visit our COURSES section, here in our website.


    Sir, thank you for sharing all this information about apitherapy. I am a medical student, in East Africa--Uganda, with high interest in apiculture, and my target is to practice modern medicine along with apitherapy. How can you help me to get that extra training in apitherapy after graduating from medical school.

  • Dinesh

    I like to learn therapy

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