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Apitherapy for recovery after hip surgery


Bee products against Malaria

Dear Stefan and List,

I want to share with you all my experience with propolis and my visits to

Since 1992 I start my visits to African countries ( Angola, Cape Verde
Islands, S.Tome and Principe Islands, Guiné Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Burkina
Faso and Congo) .

In that time I went to Senegal and saw for the first time (on satellite TV) one reportage about Apitherapy.
Well, I think that is not necessary to say to you that this TV reportage changed completely my life.

At the same time that I start to study Apitherapy, I decide to make an
experience with myself taken propolis for a long period of time.
After 6 months of propolis, I cured my 20 years old chronic rhinitis and never again catch influenza.

I visited many times these countries and never catch Malaria or any other typical,
infectious diseases from these countries.

All my friends ask me about why I did not take any drugs, even the
traditional drugs, for Malaria and I never caught it during all these years of
visits to Africa.

Conclusion: Apitherapy is the best method of prevention including against malaria!

One embrace to you all,


Mr. Antonio Couto can be contacted through:

Snail mail to: Largo Vitorino Damasio, 3 – 5º Dto., 1200-872 Lisbon, Portugal.
E-mail: ;

Bee stings for… tumor

We had a case of a close friend of a beekeeper who was diagnosed with a malignant tumor too advanced for possible surgical removal. The apiculturist, faced with the despair of his friend, invited him to the apiary with the affected area uncovered. The first day a swarm of bees stung him in the affected area. They went to the apiary once a week. After a while, each time there were fewer bees that stung him (I should say pricked him) in that area. The moment arrived when no bees stung him at all. At that point the beekeeper told him to go to the physician.
When he went to the doctor, great was the surprise when they found that the tumor had disappeared.
We have planned an investigation of this effect on malignant tumors in rats, but we have not been able to start it because for the moment the Health Ministry lacks funds. Ironic, isn’t it?
For the time being, I recognize that bees have the gift of knowing where they must sting. Mother Nature is wise, but notwithstanding that, we must acknowledge that physicians-acupuncturists must also know where to place the needles.

Dr. Eduardo Lema
Montevideo, Uruguay
(Message sent to “Lista-de-Apiterapia” January 20, 2005)

Honey against cataract!

A miracle is an exceptional occurrence which is in opposition or independent of the natural laws. We know honey since the beginning of humanity and we still discover its miraculous benefits. The bees collect nectar, then transform it and put it side to nourish itself some; the surplus, it is we who benefit from it. At the beginning, the man was useful himself about it like sweetening substance and with the wire of time, we found many virtues to him medicinal. I ordered a book: “Honey, the Medicine gourmet”, (Honey, the gourmet Medicine) by Joe TRAYNOR. Everyone should have this book; I read it when I fell on the chapter which said: “honey will make leave the cataract”. I thought then, I believe that one wants to throw me powder with the eyes because I N ‘ ever read anything similar. The operation of the cataract, it is something of significant. I read again this chapter several times; it said that 85 % of those which took raw honey of hive to treat their eyes felt an improvement of their vision and which 15 % remaining did not have deterioration of the vision. I had problems to lead the night. When I passed other cars, it was as if I were vis-a-vis the setting sun. The road was flooded of light and there was no sun visor to protect me. It was also as if I looked through a wet windshield because the glare of the light made me cry. I reflected lengthily on the subject and does I finished by me telling what an old pensioner like me have to lose if it carries out a test? I did not take a great risk and that was not to me expensive. I started by putting honey of hive in an eye each evening. I put a drop of it on the index and I lowered my lower eyelid and applied honey to the eyelid which was closed immediately and started to spread it on all the ocular sphere. II is necessary to say that that burns a little but only during two minutes. At the end of three days, I could feel a large improvement, then, I dared to put some in the two eyes. I did not speak to my wife about it during at least a week, if I would become blind and that it would have had to lead me everywhere. Then, it also started to put honey in the eyes and it says that it feels an improvement of its vision. Now, I can see the night when I lead; I can see the right side of the road and the yellow band in the medium of the roadway; I can see whether the car opposite A his two headlights and if it is on the good side. I had never said to my wife how much control night modified my vision because then, she would never have liked to get into the car. Moreover, that cost me anything, not immobilization, not side effects, not of pain, not of suffering, except the two minutes when I have just put honey in the eyes. I continued every evening during three weeks and now, I put any only twice per week. I do not have any more tears which run along the cheeks, more eyelids which hurt and more fuzzy vision. I believe that my sight is as good as if I had consulted a ophtalmo and so much less expensive. Honey is not protected by an unspecified patent and you do not need to have a university diploma to prescribe it. It was a true miracle sent by God because honey was made according to its will and the results are miraculous.

Testimonial published in the American Bee Journal , April 2004
Apitherapy against osteoarthritis (posted in Apitherapy-List)

Dear David,
My very first hands-on experience with Bee Venom Therapy was precisely with the bone spur condition that you enquire about. It happened to my wife, in her wrist (we do not remember which one, as the healing was so complete!) some sixteen years ago, after having found no cure from two doctors in Grenada and one in Barbados. Altogether, she suffered from that condition for almost three years.The treatment consisted in the application of between three to six stings over and around the spur, every other night, for a period of four months (I think I got a lot more stings in the tip of my fingers by catching the bees than my wife in her wrist throughout the treatment). Crushed ice wrapped in a piece of cloth was used prior to every session, in order to diminish the affected area’s sensitivity to the pain caused by the stings.
The first week was rather frustrating as it seemed as though the stings only increased my wife’s already considerable discomfort and almost suspended it. Somehow, we kept at it and at the end of the second week, she noticed a significant reduction in the pain, as well as the absence of a feeling of “tension” around the affected area (her description).
At the beginning of the second month, the size of the concretion started to diminish slowly to finally disappear, along with all its symptoms by the end of the fourth month. Sixteen years after the treatment she has had absolutely no recurrence at the site or elsewhere. By the way, now I utilize tweezers to catch bees in my treatments.
Hope this is useful to you.
Best regards,


Hello David and Apifriends,

To respond to one of your questions, David, I have had great success with bee venom therapy (BVT) for my osteoarthritis in both knees. I did not, however, have a bone spur. To treat the arthritis, my doctor put me on Celebrex (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID). I took this for a year and a half and after I began taking it I could hardly tolerate a day without it. However, my condition was gradually declining and I had read some bad things about NSAIDs and wanted to quit taking them. Against my doctor’s advice (he wanted to double my dose of Celebrex) and with the help of Dr. Stangaciu, Dr. Aguirre, Fred Malone and the other wonderful folks of this list I started BVT and was able to get off of the Celebrex within 2 days! My condition continued to improve with the BVT over the next several months. After about a year I ceased to see any noticeable improvement but I continued the BVT “loosely” for another 6 months or so just to be sure. I still have limitations but am SOOOO much better now than I have been since 1996 when I acquired this disease. Hope this helps.

Yvonne Bernal
Denver Colorado USA

Apitherapy against Multiple Sclerosis (French below)


I have MS since the spring of 1999. During two years I took various drugs, of which an experimental drug, some Solumédrol flashes (corticothérapy by perfusion), antidepressants.

I have had various symptoms, such as headaches all the time, a veil on the right eye, pain in my arms and in my legs, a loss in my muscle’s strength and my load-carrying capacity, loss of balance, concern with urinary problems in spite of all those treatments and I have had regularly new relapses.

I was depressed because I was feeling bad within my body, and in my head, I was suffering a lot!

In the summer of 2001, a friend who is a bee-keeper advices me to read the book “Ces abeilles qui nous guérissent” (Those bees that heals us”) written by Roch Domerego, edition JC Lattès. That’s exactly what I did, I bought the book and read it. At the end of my reading, I decided to meet the author because I wanted to give it a try to the bee venom therapy.

My bee venom therapy started the first day I met Roch Domerego, at his consulting-room in Bruxelles (Belgium).

After some chaotic months, my illness got stabilized and my symptoms regressed. Even if I feel it always present it doesn’t harass me so much, and with less intensity, what enables me to “breath” finally! I found back a certain quality of life with the Apitherapy.

Best regards
Jean-Michel Cudo

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Témoignage de France


Je suis atteint d’une sclérose en plaques depuis le printemps 1999. Durant deux ans, j’ai été traité avec divers édicaments, dont une drogue experimentale, des flashs de solumédrol (corticothérapie par perfusion), anti-dépresseur… Je présentais divers symptômes, dont des maux de tête incessants, un voile à l’oeil droit, des douleurs dans les bras et les
jambes, une perte de ma force musculaire et de ma résistance à l’effort, pertes d’équilibre, soucis urinaires, une grande fatiguabilité…..Malgré ces traitements, je faisais régulièrement de nouvelles poussées. Je broyais du noir, car j’étais mal dans mon corps, mal dans ma tête, je souffrais vraiment.

Eté 2001, un ami apiculteur me conseille un livre qui s’intitule “Ces abeilles qui nous guérissent” écrit par Roch DOMEREGO, édition JC Lattès. J’achète et je lis ce livre. La lecture achevée, je décide de rencontrer son auteur, car je souhaite essayer le traitement au venin d’abeilles dont il parle.

Mon traitement avec le venin a débuté le jour même ou j’ai rencontré Roch DOMEREGO à son cabinet à Bruxelles Belgique). Après des mois chaotiques, ma maladie s’est stabilisée, et mes symptômes ont régressé. Même si je la sents toujours présente, elle me harcèle de bien plus loin, et avec bien moins d’intensité. Ce qui me permet de souffler enfin, j’ai retrouvé une certaine qualité de vie grâce à cette thérapie.

Amicalement Jean-Michel Cudo

Recovery after a traumatic amputation of the left leg

Dear List (Apitherapy-L)
At the age of 15 I experienced a traumatic amputation of my left leg just below the knee along with a severe compound fracture of my right tibia. I am now 52 and about 2 years ago began to have severe recurring infections at a point on my left leg which bears the greatest weight onto an artificial limb. After 5 heavy courses of antibiotics I pressed my medical doctors to try to get at whatever underlying cause might exist. An infectious disease specialist, orthopedic surgeon and vascular surgeon concurred that tissue degeneration and compromised circulation were the probable cause and recommended re-amputation. I declined the treatment.

I began beestings last October along with intensive acupuncture; Starting BVT conservatively & building to 10-14 stings every other day with an occasional 20-24. Stings were applied heavily to the area of the previous infection, the amputation area generally and scar tissue specifically as well as to acupuncture and trigger points head to toe.

By January, the vascular surgeon and infectious disease specialist were no longer proposing re-amputation.; By end February I felt I could reintroduce myself to the artificial leg without the infection
recurring. It has been a long re-intro but with no new infection and I finally am walking with a painless assurance.

The net effect of this work in progress has been an astounding re-vivication of the amputation area & the possession of a means of profound self care not otherwise available.

The frustration of a brief testimonial is that it can only be a faint schematic of a life-altering adventure. In the uncharted midst of that adventure, the experience and advice of very generous members of the
apitherapy community was beyond value.

With reverence, respect & gratitude,
Glenn Perry

Bee Stings against shingles and Lyme disease:

Dear Mr. Andros, 
You are in luck. I have successfully treated both of these conditions. Just three weeks ago and at her request, I applied three stings directly upon the shingles on the lower back of a woman. Two of the stings were on the lower right lumbar area about four inches to the right of the spine. The third sting was about two inches to the left of the spine also in the lumbar area. The woman saw her MD two days later who was astonished at her improvement. The shingles were almost healed. This woman was taking no other medicines at the time. I spoke with this woman this past Thursday. She indicated her back was in great shape with no problem or discomfort from the area where the shingles were. 
With regard to the Lyme disease, I have also used bee stings applied directly to the red circular area on my right shin about halfway between the ankle and the knee. I had been bitten by three deer ticks on May 30th, 1999, while visiting my brother in Kentucky. After returning to Alabama two days later, I applied three bee stings to the bite area. Because the red area around the tick bite site persisted for several days, I saw my physician and received a negative Lyme titer (blood test). I subsequently learned that even though a blood test for Lyme disease may be negative, a person can still have or develop Lyme disease. As a result of learning this strange bit of news, I applied three more stings just to be sure.

Shortly thereafter, I read in the Bee Informed, Summer 1999, Vol 6, #2 issue, page 7, that melittin, a major ingredient (a 26 amino acid peptide) in honey bee venom “exhibited powerful in vitro inhibitory effects on the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi”. Further, “at melittin concentrations as low as 100 mcg/ml, virtually all spirochete motility ceased within seconds of inhibitor addition”. Translation, bee venom has a significant effect upon the Lyme disease infecting organism. Source: Clinical Infectious Diseases 1997 July; 25 Suppl 1:S48-51 Additional information may be found CID homepage found at: Also at the Lyme Disease Network:

I hope this is helpful to you.


Lawrence W. Thompson (E-mail: )
Dothan, Al

Bee stings against the low back and sciatic pain:

I have been administering BVT to a woman with degenerative lumbar discs who has had continual low back and sciatic pain for the past 22 years since she fell off a roof and broke off her tailbone and injured the lumbar area.

The very first test sting took away her pain! Quite amazing. We have been keeping her pain free with 4-7 stings 3 times per week varying places…lumbar area, sciatic nerve path, hips, knees, and ankles. She is delighted and is now stinging herself and having her sister sting her lumbar area. She says she feels like she has gotten her life back. Bless the bees.

I do follow everyone’s correspondence and cheer you on!


Fran Calvert

Glen posted in Apitherapy-List:
Has anyone had specific experience with the use of BVT as an aid in bone fracture repair? 
I can give you a personal testimony Glen. I suffered a broken foot bone in a volleyball mishap. The X-ray indicated a brake that reset itself. The physician explained that I should keep off the foot as much as possible for several weeks. 
I started BVT treatments immediately, four or five days later I could put my weight on it without discomfort.
Six weeks I returned for a for a physical checkup. The Dr. twisted, pushed and pulled the foot every way possible to see if there was any pain. He was truly amazed when I told him what I did for it. That was more than 8 years ago with completely normal use and comfort since then.

End of story.

Alden Marshall
B-Line Apiaries
Hudson, NH 03051 

I surely understand how you feel and the insecurity there is when not going with what the Neurological “doctors” prescribe.

But you know, one of the things that turned me away from the ABC drugs years ago before I’d even heard of Bee Venom Therapy was the fact that even those who promote these medications admit that there is only a 25%-30% success rate for those who take these medications.

This doesn’t mean that your MS condition will only be improved by 25%-30%. No. What this does mean is that for 75% of those who take this dangerous medical course of treatment these drugs DON’T work at all! 
In the end, these drugs leave them to do battle with the drug’s side effects. This is why after years of being on these medications so many people who take the ABC drugs complain that they are still getting worse – and have negative reactions every time they inject themselves.

But for me and BVT, I feel stable overall PLUS every time that I have a stinging session my body COMES ALIVE and I feel great – strong, energetic, clear and balanced. Other than a cure and a complete reversal of all my symptoms (which I am waiting for) what else can I want right now? My neurologist tells me that in 5-10 years there is a real possibility of a cure. Well, my job today is to keep my machine (body) going in as good condition as I am able until this cure comes. 
And that’s why I’m a believer in Bee Venom.
But whatever you decide to do, I wish you success and better health.


Dear Marianne, Remember the saying, “when in doubt, do without?” 
I read your message, and this is what came to mind.

After recuperating from a debilitating relapse 6 years ago, I then learned about apitherapy. I am now walking, working on my Master’s Degree, in an internship, and take care of my sick husband.

It has been a long road for me to “get back into life” however, not as fast as I would have preferred, but I just look at it as old age setting in. 
I studied religiously to strengthen my faith. Obedience was required. Then step by step, inch by inch I got my self back in shape with His help.

Diffuse FEAR at all costs! This only makes us worse. 
One thing I wanted to share with you, in particular, was, from observing many people with MS, and watching miraculous results from bee stings, including myself, I have found that once someone takes the ABC drugs, the bee stings don’t seem to have as much impact. This is something I have noticed, don’t know if anyone has noticed this also.

But one thing I do know, my neurologist started sending me her “clients” to me, when she saw how well I was doing. That in itself is a miracle.

Regards, and Keep the Faith. 

Improving the eyes vision through Bee Stings Therapy:

On the 24th of March, I was scheduled to take my driver’s test exam here in Indiana. I have a sight problem with my right eye from years of being in a Marksman club as a kid and sighting in on all of those targets with my right eye.

I have 20/90 vision in my right eye….not so good…especially for the Department of Motor Vehicles. I tested on a chart early in the morning to see how well I could focus in on the lines of numbers and letters…sure 
enough….no good 20/90-100. I had a pair of glasses from my time in the Army that I had used last time for this driving test… but to no avail, I could not locate them.

I had remembered that on the Apitherapy-List the discussion of stings improving vision had been mentioned. I also knew that during my weekly sessions of stinging that my visual perception had improved as a side of effect….so I stung my self 5 times on my left arm …since it was sore and stiff from working out.

A few hours later I took my drivers exam and …!….I only missed one letter on the chart….which gave me a 20/40 vision which is good enough for the DMV! So next time if you are looking for that little edge on your driver’s test….sting away.

Brent Biddle


Below is the letter I sent privately to Senor Luiz Claudio after reading his original letter on this list. It was suggested to me that I send this letter to the Apitherapy-List because it might help numerous other people. Since Senor Claudio asked his original question on a public list, I hope he will not mind that I make this letter public.

Dear Senor Claudio,

Hola! How are you? I read your letter to the Apither list expressing your reservations and doubts about using bee venom therapy to help your wife’s MS. I also read Senora Judy Alvarez’s reply to you as well as Debra’s reply to you. I think their replies were correct and good advice.

After reading your original letter where you stated that your wife had only 1,500 bee stings since January, 1998, I was not surprised that you or your wife might have doubts about the effectiveness of bee venom. The reason is that 1,500 stings is not enough stings (bee venom) to be helpful. This would mean your wife has only had, on average, 55 stings each month for 27 months. This is only 3.7 every other day for 27 months.

I have a woman friend with MS whom I have helped. Before she began using BVT, she had been in a wheelchair for 13 years. She has NOT walked for 13 years. She was spending $1,000 per month for medicines. She had tried Avonex, Beta-seron, Copaxone, etc., and none of it helped alleviate her MS symptoms. She only became worse. She worked as a school counselor but because of the MS, she could barely make it through the day because of heavy fatigue and tiredness. In fact, she told me she was at the point of taking her own life. She wanted to die.

She heard about bee venom therapy and contacted me. She began her BVT on September 30, 1998. Upon the (subsequent) recommendation of Ms. Pat Wagner, she has applied 30 stings every other day. This is 450 stings each month (30 x 15=450). Within 7 months, my friend was able to stop ALL medicines, she saved $1000 per month, she could work the whole day without becoming overly tired, her zest for living and her attitude toward life greatly changed and she was no longer suicidal. But, best of all, on Easter Sunday, 1999, she got out of her wheelchair and walked up 13 steps at her parent’s home. Talk about RESURRECTION!! She walked for the first time in 13 years!!!!

Is this a miracle? Yes, it is. A miracle is given by God’s honey bee and
the bee venom. As Senora Judy Alvarez told you, bee stings do hurt. Bee stings do not cure MS, but BVT does treat the symptoms of MS better than anything known to man. My friend is still in a wheelchair. She still has MS, she still has bladder infections, she still has leg/muscle spasms, but she is now able to live as normal a life as possible, a life that before BVT was impossible.

I would suggest that you get a copy of Pat Wagner’s book, “How well are you willing to bee?” and begin using/following her directions. Her books tell people with MS exactly where to apply bee stings and when to apply the stings. There are drawings and illustrations showing you where to apply the stings. Pat, known as the “Beelady” also has MS. She has helped thousands of people with MS and if you follow her advice about BVT, your wife should experience significant improvement.
The book costs $27 US plus shipping costs.
Pat Wagner’s email address is:
Her website is:

As Senora Alvarez said and as your wife knows, the stings do hurt, but, I think you and she need to consider increasing the number of stings and to following the recommendations in Ms. Wagner’s book. I know both of you will be very thankful when you see the results.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will be glad to help.

Siempre suyo,

Fr. Lawrence Thompson+
Dothan, Alabama

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

Apitherapy is a very ancient healing practice that dates back to Hippocrates. It is well known, used and respected by doctors and healers all over the world. Charles Mraz, a Vermont beekeeper, who recently passed away at the ripe old age of 94, devoted most of his life to healing and teaching this miraculous therapy. Through his grassroots efforts, he founded the American Apitherapy Society and has made Apitherapy available and accessible to the United States and many other countries. For over 60 years he lectured, shared his knowledge with doctors and scientists, and also supplied them with bee venom. Thousands of people with arthritis, MS and other incurable illnesses have been helped because of his unrelenting passion for the humble honeybee. 
Although I never had the pleasure to meet him, I will forever be grateful to him, the AAS and its President, Dr. Theodore Cherbuliez. Through the internet, I was able to find Dr. Theodore Cherbuliez, who just happened to be located approximately 30 miles from my home. He can be reached at: With his assistance, I have used Apitherapy and (BVT) to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, with great success, after conventional and other alternative approaches failed.

In 1999, Bee Venom was granted a new drug approval status by the FDA to begin a Phase 1 study sponsored by The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America in conjunction with Georgetown University Medical Center. It is being conducted as a result of all the MS patients that have been helped by this treatment, and by the dedicated efforts of the AAS. Their mission is to assist and provide information to doctors, researchers and the general public, about the incredible healing powers of Apitherapy and BVT. Bee Venom has many components, that have been researched and tested scientifically. It has been used successfully to treat many chronic conditions: Neurological, Rheumatological, Immune System, Dermatological, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Healing of Bones and Wounds, Endocrine, Viral and Psychiatric Conditions. Melittin, one of the many healing components of bee venom, exhibited powerful in vitro inhibitory effects on the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi in a recent study. The abstract appeared in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases (Clin Infect Dis 1997 Jul;25 Suppl 1:S48-51). Melittin is a molecule that kills cells by slicing through the cell membrane, destroying the cells. It is presently being researched by a team of scientists in Australia for its potential to kill cancer cells.

Pat Wagner, apitherapist, author of “How well Are You Willing to Bee?” and a very grateful MS patient, recently applied for, and was granted, a provisional patent for eye drops she developed to successfully treat eye problems associated with MS, macular degeneration, color blindness, and other eye and ear conditions. She is called “The Bee Lady” and has a website at:

Dr. Amber Rose, acupuncturist and apitherapist, treats patients by combining BVT and acupuncture. She wrote the book Bee In Balance and has a website at:

These are just some of the more recent developments in Apitherapy. After many years of being ill, my goal is to inform and disseminate information on Apitherapy, BVT and other alternative treatments to open-minded individuals that are interested in learning how to take control of their health, prevent future illness, and lead productive and healthy lives.

Nancy Rauhofer


Hello Dr. Stangaciu, 
My name is Cindy I am 37years old, I was diagnosed with MS in 1989. 
Did great for a while just a few exacerbations’s a year, then a little more than 2 1/2 years ago I went downhill very rapidly. I used a cane and was headed for a wheelchair. And then I discovered BVT, no more cane and now living a full life, I no longer see a Neurologist for the MS, 2 years of over 1100 stings and I’m great. I sting when I want and where I need to be stung.


In August of 1996 amid the Varroa epidemic that nearly made extinct the local honeybees ,my wife and I decided to try BVT on her MS. After reading what we could find and settling on a method by Charles Marz ,we began with a test sting. We followed the spine with my thumb until we found a point that was very painful to the touch. Using a frozen jar of 1/2 alcohol and 1/2 water we numbed the spot for one minute before stinging. At this time my wife was dragging one foot very badly and had to be helped to and from as well as up and down in the restroom. We did the test sting and waited 20 minutes ,as
instructed,for a reaction. No allergic reaction was apparent. It was much to my surprise that my wife requested to take a “WALK” down to the mailbox (some 180 meters one way down a hill from the house).
She did indeed walk, heal to toe, all the way there and back. This was the first such walk since a really bad attack of MS in 1991. Tears of joy and amazement filled my heart and eyes at the site of her moving that way again. That first time her relief only lasted one hour. Although we first thought that BVT would cure MS we have come to realize that it relieves most of the major symptoms of MS and related ailments, and allows the return of a more normal lifestyle. Our family
Doctor “complains” that her rapidly progressing MS is now progressing very slow. Bladder infections that came every 60 days have been reduced to 1 in 3 years. Very little medication is needed except for hormone and vitamin
tablets and of course bee stings (10 to 20 two to three times a week). I have helped several other people with MS, arthritis, old back injuries, and skin cancer on the side of my face (which is now gone).

I can not fathom our existence without our honeybees.
We have fewer allergies thanks to the honey and I go to some length to ensure their health.

My thanks for your time to read this.

Ray Anthony

Frau Voigtländer’s story

Most of you know that one of the main dreams of a beekeeper is to visit at least once in his life an Apimondia Congress . This was the case also for Mrs. Voigtländer , a wonderful senior lady that has in Germany a small but harmonious apiary. She joined our group organized by Mr. Arno Bruder , our DAB Vice-President, to visit this year in August the Apimondia Congress organized in Dublin, Ireland . The flight Munich-Dublin was OK, landing OK, but during the boarding to the bus that was waiting for us, an awful accident occurred… Mrs. Voigtländer made a wrong step and felt down hurting badly most of the left side of her face (photo 1) . A sigh was heard coming from all people surrounding her (nobody expected such an accident in the first day of the Irish tour!), but immediately afterwards we „jumped“ to help her. Most of us have thought that she has broken her left cheek bone and that for sure we will need to go to the nearest hospital… Fortunately it was only a superficial wound (no bone fracture), but still was badly bleeding. Our luck was that one of the group members, Mrs. Barbara Berger-Marterer from Zell im Wiesental (Germany) , a lady beekeeper, Heilpraktiker (Naturopathic Doctor) and excellent Apitherapist have had with her a vial of propolis tincture. We applied immediately, directly on the bleeding superficial wound about 50-60 drops of propolis tincture , one after another, in the coming 15-20 minutes. The bleeding stopped in less than 10 minutes and what was amazing, Mrs. Voigtländer has had no pains at all , no other discomforts, excepting the „esthetical“ one. We asked her if she would like to be transported to the nearest hospital, but she bravely refused that and… continued the trip with the rest of us ( photo 2 and 3 )!!!

Starting with the second day after her accident she began to use her own home-made propolis-olive oil cream . She participated to absolutely all activities during the trip to Ireland, including the most important moment, the visit to the Apimondia Expo . Due to her strong will and optimism, but most of all due to the extraordinary healing powers of propolis, her wound was healed completely with almost no scar left in less than 2 weeks ( photo 4 )…

Conclusion : among the most important things to take with us when we travel is also a bottle of propolis tincture!!!


Frau Voigtländer (photo 1)



Frau Voigtländer (photo 2)


Frau Voigtländer (photo 3) (ruhig im Bus)


Frau Voigtländer (photo 4) (13 Tage später)

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