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Here we will publish, step by step, the detailed structure of our new Api-Pharmacopeea Courses.

We will offer extremely detailed information, “A to Z” kind of information (like the one offered in monographies), on all beehive products, including beehive air, bee sounds, etc.

The focus of these special Courses will be to offer a maximum possible of details on how the beehive products are helping the structure and functioning of our organism and how to best administer them to get fast results.

Pollen A-Z online Course

Bee bread A-Z online Course

Bee Venom A-Z online Course 

Honey (floral) A-Z online Course 

Honeydew Honey A-Z online Course 

Propolis A-Z online Course 

Beeswax A-Z online Course 

Beehive Air A-Z online Course 

Royal jelly A-Z online Course 

Apilarnil A-Z online Course