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Dr Vesna Zdravkovic
13 Coniston Ave
Te Atatu South
Waitakere 0610
Auckland, New Zealand

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  • Inkara Strydom

    I would like to become a member of New Zealand Apitherapy.

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      It is a shame, but New Zealand, the country that offered the world the extarordinary studies of the former Prof. Peter Molan, for the time being (January 2017) has no Apitherapy Society/Association. Contact Dr Vesna Zdravkovic (write her a normal letter), hopefully she will have the time, energy and motivation to make history in one of the best of the world's paradises, New Zealand... You find the contact address of Dr Zdravkovic in:

  • Inkara Strydom

    Dear Dr Vesna Zdrackovic I am contemplating to do the Apitherapy online course. I am just wondering if it will be recognised/accepted by New zealand NZQA? thank you so much kind Regards Inkara Strydom

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