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Frequently Asked Questions in Russian

What are the best bee products and the best Apitherapy protocols to improve health, beauty and strength?

The best bee products for us are the ones that clearly can improve our health, strength or beauty. To know how to choose the best bee products we need to follow the following guidelines:

The best bee products are the fresh ones, collected and processed in the areas where we live; these products can usually ensure the maximum of nutrients and active compounds that our body needs; if the local bee products are not available in enough amount, we can order other ones, but ideally also from our region; the reason is that the bee products are collected by the bees from plants and trees that are perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions where we also live; the plants that lives in the mountains secretes more bio-flavonoids than the plants that are at the sea level, due to the higher radiation level in the mountains; as a result, the honey and propolis made in the mountains protects better the people that lives also in the mountains area, than the products made/collected at the sea level; same kind of example is valid also for the people suffering from pollen allergies (hay fever -Heuschnupfen); if the bee pollen is collected from the same area where the patient lives, and administered in very small doses at the beginning, with slow increase of the administered amount, after meals, the chance to desensitize the patient of that allergy is higher; the explanation is in the fact that the pollen allergens that are present in the atmosphere of that city/area will be present for sure, in very small amounts, in the bee pollen collected by the bees from the same area too, but with greater probability will be not present in same amount in the bee pollen collected more than 30 Km away

Once we decided to use the local bee products and we can get them in enough amount, we need to ask our local medical doctors and pharmacists what are the best administration forms to use. Your doctors may need to ask the local pharmacists to prepare specifically for each patient (if necessary) the exact preparation/product that can reach faster the affected area. If we have conjunctivitis (eye inflammation) for example, we should use mainly eye drops and not other preparations/products…

Here below is a table that can orient yourself in asking your local doctors/pharmacists for a more specific preparation/product and administration method:

System/Organ/Tissue to be treated Best pharmacological forms Administration method
Nervous system Oral forms: fresh collected bee products, or at least fresh frozen, in any form that can be swallowed (honey-pollen mixtures, tablets, capsules, powder, granules, tincture, syrups, in form of liquids, juices, etc.); bee venom in solution form for injection on acupuncture points; ointments and/or creams to stimulate the blood flow in the head and vertebral column area Per oral (products that can be swallowed).

Injectable bee venom solution and/or live bee stings applied on the painful spots and/or on the acupuncture points/meridians.

Endocrine system Same as above. The preparations that can be kept under the tongue for minimum 4-5 minutes should be preferred Same as above, but the acupuncture points to be stimulated will differ according with the location of the endocrine gland that is currently treated
Immune system Same as above + Propolis based suppositories Same as above, but the acupuncture points to be stimulated will be specifically elected by the specialist in apipuncture
Face Creams, ointments and/or masks with all bee products + oral forms + bee venom solutions for micro-apipuncture Local application following the cosmetic related rules, ideally on the facial related acupuncture points; swallowing the oral forms after chewing and/or sucking of the freshly collected (frozen) raw bee products
Eyes Eye drops + ointments and creams + oral pharmacological forms that can be swallowed Eye drops in the conjunctival sac + ointments and creams that can be applied on the eye lids and on the surrounding acupuncture points + oral forms that can be swallowed
Nose Nose drops + solutions for inhalations with honey, propolis extract and essential oils + sunflower or olive oil based propolis-honey mixtures + ointments + oral forms + bee venom solution Dripping the nose drops solution in small amount + inhaling the vapours from the solution specially made for inhalation + superficial inserting the creamy-oily mixtures in the nostrils (not too deep) + stimulation of the local acupuncture points with ointments/creams and/or micro-injectable bee venom for micro-apipuncture + swallowing the oral forms (ideally, except the capsules, after sucking them for minimum 3 minutes)
Ears Sunflower or olive oil based propolis-honey mixtures + solutions for inhalations with honey, propolis extract and essential oils + ointments/creams + oral forms + solutions bee venom solution + ear candles inserting gently the creamy-oily mixtures in the external ears entrance, in very small amount + stimulation of the local acupuncture points with ointments/creams and/or micro-injectable bee venom for micro-apipuncture + inhaling the vapours from the solution specially made for inhalation + swallowing the oral forms (ideally, except the capsules, after sucking them for minimum 3 minutes) + specific application of beeswax ear candles
Mouth Various honey-pollen-propolis-royal jelly mixtures + water extract of propolis + propolis tincture + chewing-gum + tooth paste with propolis + oral forms + bee venom solution Local application inside the mouth + swallowing of the oral forms + acupressure and/or micro-apipuncture on the local bioactive points + injectable bee venom on distant acupuncture points that are related energetically with the mouth tissues
Teeth Liquid forms + injectable soft propolis extract + crystallized honey (small amount) mixed with propolis extracts, royal jelly and fresh bee pollen + oral forms Ask your dentist to apply on and under the gums surrounding the affected tooth/teeth mixtures of bee products, according to the local condition + swallow the oral forms + stimulate the teeth related acupuncture points
Head Propolis and/or Bee venom ointments + oral forms stimulate the head and neck acupuncture points with the ointments + through micro-apipuncture + swallow the oral forms (after sucking them for minimum 3 minutes, except for the capsules)
Neck Same as above Same as above, but use the neck related acupuncture points
Back Bee venom and Propolis Creams and Ointments + raw honey + beeswax, propolis cataplasms + bee venom solutions + bee stings + oral forms Stimulation of the painful spots + the acupuncture points + honey massage + local application of warm beeswax-propolis cataplasms + eating raw, fresh (frozen) bee products
Chest Bee venom and Propolis Creams and Ointments + raw honey + beeswax, propolis cataplasms + oral forms Same as above, but no injections of bee venom solutions, due to the higher sensitivity of the skin (exception: micro-apipuncture) + eating raw, fresh (frozen) bee products
Abdomen Same as above Same as above
Upper and lower limbs Bee venom and Propolis Creams and Ointments + beeswax, propolis cataplasms + injectable bee venom solutions + oral forms Same as above; the best acupuncture points are located on the “Yang”, more hairy areas.
Foot soles Bee venom and Propolis Ointments + beeswax, propolis cataplasms + oral forms Use of creams and/or ointments on the reflexologic areas (reflexotherapy = Fußsohlenreflexmassage)
Cardiovascular apparatus + Blood All oral forms + ointments + injectable solutions + bee stings + suppositories Swallowing of the oral forms after minimum 4-5 minutes of chewing and/or sucking; stimulation of the acupuncture points with ointments, injections and/or (micro) bee stings +/- use of suppositories or ointments in cases of hemorrhoids
Digestive Apparatus All oral forms, used according with the distance to the distance to the “target” + injectable bee venom solutions + suppositories Liquids or feshly made “cocktails” for treatment of mouth, esophagus, stomach and small intestine; capsules, solid propolis “beans” and suppositories for the large intestine, rectum and anus areas + stimulation of the acupuncture points according to the location of the affected organs
Respiratory Apparatus Solutions for inhalations + creams/ointments + cataplasms + injectable solutions + chewing-gum with propolis + oral forms, especially butter-propolis extract in cases of tuberculosis Inhalation through the nose; stimulation of the nose, chest and back areas (between shoulder bladders) with the ointments and/or injectable bee venom solutions + swallowing the oral forms
Uro-genital Apparatus For women : Suppositories + vaginal suppositories + creams and ointments + vaginal solutions with propolis and/or royal jelly + injectable solutions + oral forms, especially propolis extracts + fresh frozen royal jelly.

For men :

Suppositories + creams and ointments + injectable solutions + oral forms, especially propolis extracts + pollen preparations and products

Local use of suppositories (intra-rectal) + local stimulation of the acupuncture points with the creams and/or ointments + solutions to be used by women intra-vaginally.

Ingesting of the oral forms

Osteo-articular and muscular system Bee venom and Propolis ointments + injectable bee venom + bee stings + oral forms + propolis-beeswax warm/cold cataplasms Local stimulation of the affected tissues and acupuncture points including through micro-apipuncture + gently “inject” the bee venom and propolis ointments through methods specific to physiotherapy (like electro- and phonophoresis) + application of the cataplasms according to the local signs and symptoms + swallowing of the oral forms, especially propolis extracts
Skin Raw, fresh collected Honey, Propolis, Royal jelly and Pollen in various extracts and cocktails + Ointments and Creams + oral forms + (micro) bee stings + shampoos, soaps and lotions with bee products according to your skin type and/or disease Local application according to the symptoms and signs of the affected area. Medicinal honey for deep wounds and Propolis Tincture for superficial dermic and epidermic lesions

What are usually the best doses?

The ones that bring relief, which improves immediately or on a long term our health, strength and beauty. It is always recommended (except for the emergencies like burns or scalds) to use the bee products initially in very small doses (to test for a possible allergy or intolerance), than to increase gradually until a clear improvement occurs (see the quantity/time relationship).

BP Administration secret

What are the best pharmacological preparations and/or products for me?

The ones that reach faster and in enough amount the affected tissues, organs or systems in your body. Ask always your local health practitioner and your pharmacist what could be the best forms. Use also, as guidelines, the above table.

What is the best way to administer the bee products for my health, strength and beauty?

Ideally is to administer as many as possible pharmacological forms (see above), to be sure that you will reach the affected area with enough nutrients, oxygen and active healing compounds.

What are the best doses and administration methods for children and old people?

For children under 3 years ¼ of a dose of an adult. For children between 3-8 is better to use 1/3 of the adult dose and for the children between 8-12 use half (1/2) of the adult dose.

What is the best time/quantity relationship for me when I use bee products for health? How much time and in what amount shall I take the bee products?

For those diseases that have less symptoms than usually (like blood diseases or cancers in initial stages) the level of “smile” can be obtained through specific laboratory analysis. After complete healing/improvement pauses can be taken, according to the medical advice.

Are there any adverse reactions when I take the bee products together with other remedies or practice simultaneously Apitherapy with other healing methods?

Usually not, but in some cases the use of bee venom therapy is restricted for those taking heart related drugs. Also, rheumatic and multiple sclerosis patients are usually advised to refrain from taking steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during bee venom therapy. In cases when your medical doctor prescribed you mandatory some drugs, you can use though the “soft” bee products like honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis, and once the situation is improved, with the agreement of your doctor, you can start also bee venom therapy.

What persons can practice bee venom therapy?

Only the licensed medical doctors (MD) and the Naturopathic Doctors (HP) can inject various bee products extracts and/or bee venom in solution form. Any person can though use propolis and bee venom ointments but respecting the leaflet recommendations.

How can we improve the efficacy of bee products through other remedies and/or healing methods? Is my diet and lifestyle important in Apitherapy?

Any other method or remedy that can improve the absorption of the bee products related nutrients and/or active compounds should be used.

Also, any other healing method that detoxifies the body, mind and spirit should be used. Once the necessary nutrients, the water and the oxygen have reached the affected area in perfect quantity and quality, the regeneration/improvement of that area should start. In this phase, a very good local or general systemic relaxation (sleep) can make wonders. Learn and use any technique of relaxation, Yoga, Taiji Quan recommended by your local psychotherapist in order to get faster the results you wish. All our living cells from our body needs besides nutrients, water and oxygen, also a warm enough environment; so learn to use daily massage and calisthenics (gymnastic) techniques. Our health depends 50% of our diet, 40% of our lifestyle and only 10% of the treatments we make, so be sure to have also a very good diet, specific to your body needs and to your constitution. Here, the specific advises of your nutritionist (ideally specialized in Ayurveda too) can help you also tremendously.

What are the major counter-indications and limits of bee products?

The allergies (especially the bee venom allergy), the intolerances (especially to honey and pollen) and the excessive (non-controlled) use of honey in cases of diabetes type 1. If the dose is correctly selected and the administration method is proper, even the people having normally counter-indications to the use of bee products can use them, but of course ONLY under strict medical control.

Where do I find more specific information?

Ask first of all your local health practitioners and the registered Apitherapy practitioners in your area; besides consulting your local Yellow Pages, we suggest to visit also our “Addresses” Page.

If you would like to learn, from the practical point of view too, how to apply all above advices, by treating your customers/patients with medicinal-bee plants, beehive products and/or essential oils (aromatherapy), join our Intensive Apitherapy Courses & Hands-on Workshops in Romania. See more details in this page.