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If you have a particular, difficult to cure disease/condition, and everything you tried until now didn’t work for you, you may contact Dr. Stefan Stangaciu and his colleagues and ask for their help.

Also, if you would like to start a new project related to Apitherapy (e.g. building an Apitherapy Center, learning how to make various Apitherapy preparations, etc., etc.), just let us know.

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  • El Hajouti Rachid

    Mr Stangaciu Stefan! Bonjour! Je suis belge et je vis actuellement à Bruxelles (Belgique). J'ai 43 ans et je souffre de SPONDYLARTHRITE ANKYLOSANTE depuis l'âge de 16 ans. Les symptômes sont douleurs dans le bassin et dans la colonne vertébrale ainsi que des tendinites réparties un peu partout dans mon corps ( cheville gauche, tendons rotuliens, muscles du dos, bras, épaules etc...) Je souhaiterais faire de l'apipuncture dans votre clinique de Roumanie (adresses + rendez-vous). Comment puis-je faire? Merci de me répondre. Bien à vous.

    • drstangaciu

      Avez-vous une radiographie recente de votre colone vertebrale? Si oui, je l'attend a

  • marion daly md

    any suggestions for treating seborrheic or actinic keratosis?

    • drstangaciu

      Dear Marion, Many natural/complementary/integrative therapies are not treating just "diseases" but human beings. Each human being has different problems, different causes, different causes of the causes... So, the most important thing is to speak with your local naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, ayurveda specialists and psychodiagnosticians in order to get a complete diagnostic and a full list of all possible causes of the causes of your condition. Once you will have this list of causes ready, just let us know too, to be able to start thinking to the best treatment protocol for you. Best regards, Dr Stefan Stangaciu

  • David Hewett

    Dear Doctor Stangaciu, I'm a 52-year-old male and was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's disease 2 years ago. I don't like the side effects caused by the 'traditional' medicines that I've been taking with ever-increasing dosages, and am keen to try natural alternatives. What would be the correct dosage of Royal Jelly in my case? By the way, I'm 1m80 and weigh 80kg. Thank you in advance, David

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      You need to take first a very small amount of RJ (around 50-100 mg.) and check for your tolerance. If everything is OK, you can take gradually higher amounts, up to 10-15 grams a day, after you drink a "polinade" made with honey, lemon juice, bee pollen and water. You need all other beehive products, including bee venom, a 85% at least vegetarian diet, management of stress through Yoga and/or Taijiquan, laughing therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programing...

      • David Hewett

        Dear Doctor Stangaciu, Thank you so much for your speedy reply. I am currently in the process of adapting my diet - gluten and lactose-free, among other things. I am looking into BVT, but I will definitely seek out info on the things that you mentioned i.e. "management of stress through Yoga and/or Taijiquan, laughing therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programing" - Very interesting. The dosage of Royal Jelly is similar to what another expert had recommended and I had thought so high - it is why I had sought a second opinion. Won't this cause unwanted side-effects? I mean - I'm not going to sprout wings or turn orange and black, am I? Seriously, though - joking aside - I was concerned about the side effects of such high dosages and also the cost of this quantity of Royal Jelly is pretty prohibitive in Brazil, where I live. Would it still be beneficial to take lower quantities of Royal Jelly? Once again, thank you for your esteemed advice! Kind regards David

        • Stefan Stangaciu

          Dear David, If you will increase gradually the dosis of your royal jelly, you will be able to catch in due time any possible adverse reaction/intolerance. From the practical point of view, you can split the let's say 10 grams a day total dosis in 10 smaller dosis, each of only 1 gram, that you can take 10 times a day. 1 gram every hour is a very small amount, if you keep in mind that your body weighs 80,000 grams... Yes, the price may be prohibitive, but higher dosis means higher chances of creating more neural stem cells. I suggest you will give a try for 3 weeks in a raw and then let us know your results. Good luck!

  • Vera

    Dear Doctor Stangaciu, I'm reading an article about the benefits from propolis. I want to know if there are a therapy for HPV ? Concretely, Condylomata acuminata? Thank you in advance

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      There are two local treatments ou can use: 1) propolis soft extract 2) bee venom (micro-stings) if the propolis (used for 2-3 months) does not helps; of course, you need to find a specialist, to make the allergy tests, etc. Very important is to improve also your immune system (local, "regional" and systemic). For this you will need to change your diet, to take/use all beehive products, to eliminate/neutralise your genetically induced weaknesses, etc.

      • Iusco Irina

        Dear doctor Stangaciu, do you recommend royal jelly or any other bee products for autoimmune diseases?

        • stefan

          Yes, all beehive products can help, when chosen correctly (dose, time of administration, etc.), but only together with a change in the diet and lifestyle.

  • Sidney

    Dr. Stefan Stangaciu I have been in treatment for HIV since the age of 18 and have read thousands of articles on HIV and bee venom. I beg you to please recommend me a specialist in apitherapy or a treatment to cure me and my partner. Discretion is respected if that's what you wish.

  • Hoda

    Hello Dr. Stangaciu, I am 58 years old and had a lower back disctomy L4 and L5 in 1992 after which I fully recovered and at times of my nerve pain after surgery I was treated with bee stings which after felt great for years. I had a fall accident in 2016 after which things got worse and my left leg nerve is now not functioning properly and affecting my leg. I now developed drop foot and left leg weakness. I am working on my leg muscles with exercise, walking and physio but I strongly believe if I take the bee venom treatment of the nerve I will gradually regain my nerve function as I tried that bee years ago and I was healed. I am looking to get this therapy in Canada. How can I get that treatment and are you able to kindly assist. Thank you Hoda

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      If your nerve is not pressed by any anatomical structure, yes, you should recover by using bee venom + all other bee products + a good diet + a lot of good sleep, rest and less stress. In Canada, contact the Canadian Apitherapy Association.

  • Olga Ciufu

    Stimate domnule doctor, Sotul meu (49 ani) a fost diagnosticat in luna martie a acestui an cu Scleroza Laterala Amniotrofica (SLA). Ieri, am aflat de terapia cu venin de albine care, dupa cum vad pe site-ul dumneavoastra, este recomandata in Scleroza Multipla. Putem apela si noi la acest tratament? Ati mai avut vreun pacient cu aceasta afectiune? Cand putem veni la dumneavoastra pentru o consultatie? Va multumesc!

  • Nina Nix

    Dear Doctor Stangaciu, Do you think it's possible to cure HSV2, (meaning to come up negative on a test and never have any symptoms again) with BVT? And how long would this take, 1 or 2 years? My life is ruined thank you for your reply

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Many beehive products have general antiviral and immune stimulating properties you can use. Important is to improve your overall life style and diet, because these are ensuring at least 90% of your health. With no changes in your diet and life style, the beehive products can not help you, on a medium or long term... If you improve your life style and diet, yes, you have much higher chances to get rid of your HSV2. An overall good functioning of the immune system is usually more important than the aggressivity of the pathogene micro-organisms.

    • steve

      People such as beekeepers who get many stings each season have a very extended outbreak period of 3 to 4 years between outbreaks. When they do get an outbreak it is normally short and gone in a week. This is my experience and feedback from other beekeepers. Unlikely that bee venom would completely remove the virus but a massive reduction in outbreaks is very common. Steve

  • Marcelo Olea

    Estimado Dr. Stangaciu, mi nombre es Marcelo Olea, chileno, me dirijo a usted para consultar, si la artritis psoriásica, es posible tratarla con veneno de abeja, ya que tengo un sobrino muy aquejado con este padecimiento y no ha logrado grandes mejorías con la medicina alopata ni con terapias alternativas . Esperando vuestra guía y sabios consejos Marcelo Olea

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Si, es posible tratarla con veneno de abejas, pero antes de esto se debe limpiar el cuerpo y la mente, de mucho tipos diferentes de toxinas y de emociones negativas, especialmente el miedo y la ira... Se debe cambiar mucho la dieta (alimentacion) y el estilo de vida...

  • Dinka Čečur

    Dear dr. STEFAN I have glaucoma symplex May optical nerv is very bed I live in Montenegro Can You help me for my eyes Thank you

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Send us more details to There are many beehive products that can help you, but your disease must be not in a too advanced stage...

  • Gabriel Orlandea

    Dear Dr. Stangaciu, I have a daughter (30 years old) that was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis since she was 12 years old. For the past 3 years the disease turn ugly for her year by year and now she is in a wheelchair. Her MS was categorized as remittance and now is secondary progressive. Are there any positive treatments of this disease at this stage?

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      The disease itself is less important than the rest of the body, mind and soul... If the nutrition, immune system, respiratory, uro-genital, liver and cardiovascular systems will be OK, the nervous system will recover also, step by step... Send us more medical details on your daughter to our e-mail: Also, search for your nearest organic beekeepers...

  • Cristina

    Stie cineva dacă vindeca și cancer sau cel puțin ajuta produsele apicole la pacienții cu cancer?

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