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Dr Shona Blair,
Microbiologist and CEO of the Wheen Bee Foundation
School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences,
University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

Medical Doctors

Daniela Alexander, MD
PO BOX 306, Mount Tamborine, Qld, 4272, Australia.

Naturopath Medicinal Herbalists

Sophie Bouchara 
8 Kennedy road, 4560 Bli Bli
Mobile: +61414602721

Apitherapy Promoters / Practitioners

Simon and Ruth Chatburn
Serafini Drive Sandy Creek 4515 Queensland  Australia
Phone: 617 54981040
E-mail: and

Bridget Goodwin
 Skin rejuvenation expert and medical herbalist
+61 477 509 247


PO Box H221
Australia Square

new zealand

Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc

Quantum Technologies Ltd

39a Bombay Street

Wellington 6035
New Zealand

+64 221998782


  • Simon

    I suffer staggering foot pain. Since an accident in 2014 and all tests imaginable all I get is a ridiculous array of prescription pain killers. None are effective but I'm far to young to endure this daily hell. I'm looking at this site as is there anyone in western Victoria near Ballarat who can help?

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      What are the exact causes of your pain? What are the diagnostics you received?

      • Brian

        Is bee venom good for rheumatoid arthritis, my wife has been diagnosed about 12 months ago tried the western medicine , but the side effects are ridiculous, she has recently spoke with a naturopath and is starting a new diet, but needs something else

        • Stefan Stangaciu

          Yes, bee venom may be very good, but the treatment need to be, usually, at least 9-12 months long. Diet and lifestyle changes are mandatory.

  • Lana Lubimoff

    Hello I am interested in apitherapy. I have some arthritis and tendinitis in my hands. I am in Sydney for 1-2 weeks and live in Bellingen Could you give me any phone number contacts for practitioners Thanks Lana Lubimoff 0424505404

  • Ben

    Hey Just wondering if you know of anyone doing BVT in Perth WA. Cheers

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      No, at this moment in time (October 2018), I do not know anyone in Perth doing BVT... If you find an opened mind medical doctor or naturopathic doctor wanting to learn the basics of Apitherapy and Apipuncture, we will be happy to teach them the best we know, first through our long distance courses and then through hands-on workshops

  • Michael Collier

    Hi, do you have any information on bee venom as a treatment for Lyme disease?

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Yes, bee venom and all other beehive products, well selected and well administered, can help a lot in the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease...

  • Barb

    Hi, I have severe tinnitus which is getting worse with age. My grandfather used to rant about a single bee sting stopping the ringing in his ears for a week or 2 each time. He had 2-3 hives in back yard, and us family members thought it was just an excuse for getting stung occasionally. He died when I was in my teens to scared to try said (crazy) grandpa remidie. Now, 25 yrs later I are 1000+% open to trying this. So is there anywhere in Victoria who offer this treatment? If not, anywhere in Australia, I'm up to travelling for treatment I'm desperate to try and reduce the constant ringing in my ears. Thanks in advance for your time in helping.

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      You need first of all to eliminate/neutralize all causes of the causes of your actual situation. It may be many causes that affect your local blood flow, in the inner ears, and/or your acoustic nerves. There are many methods to improve the local blood flow, but the blood must be clean and have normal (not high) amount of fats and other substances (like gluten) that are too sticky and reduces the blood flow in the capilaries. So, first step is to make a good detox. Go to a local naturopathic doctor to help you with this, and then search the nearest specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

    • Caitriona

      Hi Barb Do you know of anyone reputable doing bee venue therapy in Perth? Kind regards Caitriona

  • Herb

    Hi There, I have suffered from a weak immune system of the past 18 months and continually get colds and achy joints. It is not debilitating but it is a big inconveneince. I was hoping you may be able to suggest a protocal for an apitherapy trial on myself. Eg. 1, 3 second sting once a month?

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      There are many other things you need to do besides bee venom... Whole foods-based diet, eliminating sugar, milk/dairy products, and gluten, no red meat... Can you find in your area an apitherapist?

  • Cameron Silman

    I live on the gold coast and have bartonella and Ricketsia infections how can i get therapy? Thanks for your time;)

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      All beehive products, with only a few exceptions, have antibacterial and immune modulators effects, so they can normally help you too. What you need is a well trained physician in integrative medicine, that masters also complementary methods like acupuncture and Ayurveda and is also specialised in Apitherapy. Apitherapy + the medicinal/therapeutical use of beehive products.

  • ANDY

    is there market for apitoxin in Perth?

  • cheryl sutton

    Hi, My name is Cheryl and I suffer from severe chronic hemifacial pain syndrome. In 2014 i got hit in the temple at work, to cut a very long medical saga short , I have been to 3 top Brisbane Neurologist ,many pain specialist, had a Trigeminal balloon compression by surgeon Dr Sarah Olson, have been at the P.A. persistent pain clinic for 12 months, and this is just the start of drugs and alternative medicine i have tried. I am on government approved THC for facial pain and daily morphine, Valium, and endone. Is there any chance that bee venom therapy could help me, I have been in constant facial pain since 28/1/2014, I am willing to try anything to ease the pain. With Thanks Cheryl

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Hi Cheryl, Yes, bee venom therapy, together with all other beehive products should help you to get rid of your pains. Start by using locally, before going to sleep, a bee venom cream. Second step is to check if you are allergic to bee venom and any other beehive products. Third step: micro-apipuncture, locally. Fourth step, if still necessary: normal apipuncture (full stings). Contact us by Whatsapp to +40-744-409126 to give you more details.

  • Bassima

    Hi.... My dad was diagnosed with lung fibrosis 3 years ago. He has shortness of breath due to lung scarring. We heard that injecting the bee venom can help. Do you think those injections can be effective? How often to be given? Any market for it on Sydney? Appreciate your help. Regards,

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Bee venom can be used, but it has several risks..., except if it is used in form of cream/ointment. Much better is to use honey and propolis extracts in form of aerosols / nebulization.

  • Azooz

    Hi, i would like to enquire about bee therapy in regards to MS. Is there a representative in Melbourne ? Thanks and kind regards

  • Ashley

    Hi, I have POTS (from EBV) and bechets like illness ( non healing ulcers 3 years- been biopsied in my mucous membrane of my labia minora/ vagina opening And flares in mouth ). Everything else has been cleared. I want to try some anptitherapy even if its honey etc but worried to due Possiable MCAS. Does the medical doctor that takes interest do E consults? Thanks Ashley

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Yes, we can offer you a tele-, online consultation through ZOOM. Send us, to , all your medical files, a very detailed list with your actual signs and symptoms and also a very detailed list with your diet and your lifestyle characteristics.

  • Rebecca Wood

    Please can you tell me if there is anyone in Sydney practicing this bee venom therapy?

  • Eddy amine

    Hi , can you please confirm if you do courses how to become a bee therapist in Victoria Australia Thank you

  • Lucy

    My husband has Ross River which is causing joint paint in his knees & feet. He has tried so many different supplements. Could bee sting therapy help?

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Yes, bee venom therapy may help, but you need to take all needed precautions before you start it and during the treatment, eg you must make sure that you are not allergic to bee venom or have any other contra-indication related to BVT (Bee Venom Therapy).

  • Sarah

    I am curious to know if BVT would be suitable for me? I have chronic pain, almost 4 years and I want to reduce my opiate intake, find something natural without having to give up my ability to drive with CBD. Currently take supplements to detox my liver (12months now) which includes milk thistle/danelion/curcumin. My diagnoses are: Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (right side), major inflammation underneath that including teres ligamentum sprain, sub-gluteal bursitis(right), disc bulges in my lumbar spine and one queried in my neck, numb right leg mostly with nerve pain (usually burning and pins/needles) and occipital neuralgia. Can BVT help any of those ?

    • stefan

      Yes, it can help, provided you make also improvements in your diet and lifestyle. If overweight you need to lose weight. 1 month of preparation and then you can start, after allergy test, under medical coordination, the BVT (Bee Venom Therapy) too.

  • Elen

    Hi, I’m interesting in apitherapy to cure my chronic Lyme disease. Please contact me on if someone is available to help me in Melbourne. Thank you very much

  • Vera Kreutzmann

    Hi Stephan , I wonder if you could advice me if Bee venom would help me ? I have been loosing my hair severely and after see my doctor I was diagnosed with Alopecia. Do you think Bee treatment would help or any other advice would be very much participate. Also is there any practitioners in Melbourne?

    • stefan

      Start with a water propolis extract, on the affected area. Before that, using diluted honey, on the affected area, after shower, may help too. Medicinal plants, like stinging nettle, changing the diet, more sleep, less stress should be taken also into consideration.

  • Andrew

    Hello, can BVT help with Insertional Achilles Tendon Pain, I have a heel spur and the pain in the Achilles is intermittent and painful when present Treating phyiso has been trying various things and I have been doing stretching exercises This is often preventing me from walking and in turn i am adding weight from lack of movement I hate pain and have had a lot in my life from a twisted spine causing extra skeletal complications but this pain is next level I am hoping for some BVT guidance that may work directly on affected area Open to options and opinions

    • stefan

      You need to find a good apitherapist in your area. Best is to start with a bee venom cream. Apply it on all painful spots. Ask an acupuncturist to help you too. Points like Governing vessel 3, 4 and 5, Bladder 23, 52, 40, 60, 61, 62, 67, Gall bladder 34, 43, Stomach 36 An osteopath can be of great help too.

  • Helen Green

    Hi Stefan, I have just started reading about this bee therapy! I’m in Brisbane. My 9 year old child has a rare neurological disorder called Angelman Syndrome (AS). Some research in US has recently been using BV to rescue mice brains with AS very successfully. I would love to investigate this process for my child a d discuss it further. Who would be the best person for us to start talking with? Many thanks, Helen.

    • stefan

      All other "soft" beehive products (bee pollen, bee bread, royal jelly, Apilarnil, honey, propolis) may help your son too. I strongly suggest you to make a visit to my wonderful friends, Simon and Ruth which lives not far away from you. Simon and Ruth Chatburn Serafini Drive Sandy Creek 4515 Queensland Australia Phone: 617 54981040 E-mail: and

  • Patricio

    please I need to know if is anyone in Sydney practicing this bee venom therapy? thanks

  • DG

    Hi, I suffer chronic pain which the source has not been properly diagnosed - Headaches, clusters, tension. migraine, and optical neuralgia - all of which locks up my neck and shoulders, and my sinuses. On everything, want to get off everything, keen to try anything. Sunshine Coast

  • Justine Forbes

    Hi there, I have terrible osteo arthritis in my thumbs and my feet. Would bee venom therapy help me? I am in Sydney. Where would be the closest Apitherapy Therapist to me? I am happy to travel when we can. Kind regards Justine

  • david Henderson

    how. do. i get. bee venom treatment. injections. etc

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