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Prof. Avagyan


Associate Professor Avagyan Mkrtich Norayr, MD, PhD

Department of Alternative Medicine

Yerevan State Medical University

For honeybee products see also:

National Association of Professional Beekeepers of the Republic of Armenia «ApiArmenia»
President Artyom Mikayelyan


  • Cristina Mateescu

    Dear Professor, My name is Cristina Mateescu. At present, I am the President of APIMONDIA Scientific Commission of Apitherapy eleced at the last Apimondia Congress in Daejeon, South Korea. As in my project as a president of this commission I would kindly ask you, if you agree of course, to become the official correspondent member of our commission for Armenia. In this way I intend to gather together all the people who loves the bees, their products and apitherapy and to make the activity of the commission a If you know also other persons in your country who are practicing apitherapy, and you have news about your country, please send me these information. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation, looking forward to hearing from you, I remain, Sincerely yours, Dr. Cristina Mateescu APIMONDIA Apitherapy Scientific Commission - President

  • drstangaciu

    Dear Cristina, I suggest you will contact directly Prof. Avagyan because he might not visit so often our website... Best regards, Dr Stefan Stangaciu

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