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Apither 2023
Find useful information through our Apitherapy e-Library.

Thanks to the extraordinary technological evolution, it is now possible to insert thousands of Apitherapy related files into simple, but very practical USB Memory Sticks:

  • Bibliographies on the origincharacteristicscompositionpharmacological activityindicationscounter-indications of all main bee products ( honey, honeydew honeypropolisbeeswaxroyal jellyApilarnil (drone larvae extract), bee pollenbee breadbee venom);
  • Counseling related to the use of this special e-Library + on any other apitherapy related problem, for the next 3 months after purchasing date.
  • Over 300 apitherapy abstracts / articles
  • Syntheses.
  • Price: 30 Euro (shipping & handling included).
  • Payments possible through wire transfer or PayPal.

    For more information, specific demands and orders contact us at :

E-mail:   /


  • Rick

    Hi, I came across your websit today. Every interesting!! How and where can I purchase the latest Apither? Is it possible to purchase a download version so I don't have to wait for it to arrive? Thank you Rick

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Hello Rick, We can send you "Apither" via e-mail. Have a look also to our COURSES to be able to get the full "package" that will change your career...

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