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The testis are the source of the only forever young cells in the male body, the spermatogonia, due to their full length of telomeres. Bee pollen contains telomerase and starting from bee pollen the bees are making their Apilarnil (drone larvae) and royal jelly which are highly important in the regen

The local inflammations of the scrotum can be helped by using topically medicinal honey and propolis creams / water propolis extract/vegetal oil propolis extract. For more details ask a specialist in apitherapy from your area.

Propolis has been used with good results in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. Local blood flow disorders can be helped by using bee venom, highly diluted or through micro-bee stings at the bottom of the penis. Ask for more details from your nearest specialist in apitherapy.

There are various types of urethral diseases (especially inflammations of various causes) that can respond well to beehive products, especially to propolis and honeydew honey. Here below we will gradually list several articles related to this topic. Bibliography

Prostate structure and functioning can be greatly improved if the bee products are used in due time, through all anatomical ways and in enough dose. Bee pollen helps its regeneration, thanks to its rich in essential amino-acids, enzymes (like telomerase), polyphenols and minerals composition. Honey