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Nepal Apitherapy Association

President: Dr. Ram Bahadur BC
  Balaju 16- Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone no: 00977-1-4357778 / 9851273257

Email: /



Dr Ratna THAPA

Ratna Thapa


Mr. Harihar Adhikari

Bharatpur Metropolitan City-5,

Shanti Namuna Marga

Bikash Chowk, Narayanpur, Chitwan

Google Map Search:   Bikashchowk Bus Stop

Mobile: +977-9851232686 (Whatsapp), +9844044393



  • Harihar Adhikari

    Thank to Dr. Thapa for your initiative. Peoples will benefit from one of most important healing process.

  • Yubraj Maski

    Welcome to Nepal! The land of extreme Geographical Diversity! Four Types of Bees are found in Nepal. In the Initiation of Professior Dr. Ratna Thapa and Good Teaching of Professior Dr. Stefen Stangaciu, We have already headed to some result oriented action. We have been using Api Products for Nutrition, Therapy and Beauty. We need your support her for more scientific way of Beekeeping. Thanks Yubraj Maski Secretary Nepal Apitherapy Association

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