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Tom Barrett
49 South Park
Foxrock. Dublin 18


  • Rory Corrigan

    Hi tom, Just wondering if you still practiced apiterapia. Would like to get in contact asap. Regards, Rory

  • Rory Corrigan


  • Badria

    need information plze how to contact you, can you plze share email address or phone number

  • Geraldine Holtzman

    Hi Tom, I wonder if you know of anyone in Ireland who practices stinging people with arthritis - I had a friend who had great success herein the states but I cant fins anyone in Ireland - Many thanks, geraldine

  • Anne Murphy

    Hi Tom, My name is Anne Murphy and I’m looking for some advice about apitherapy in relation to some chronic conditions I’m living with. If you contact me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Anne

  • Lilian McCarthy

    Hi Tom! I would love to get in touch with you about apitherapy. Please reach out to me if you see this. Thank you so much.

  • Natalia Llanten

    Hi!! I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am interested in receiving treatment through apitherapy. how can I do it?

    • Stefan Stangaciu

      Ask first at your national beekeeping association if they know a medical doctor that can help you. Ask also your nearest best acupuncturists if they know how to practice the apipuncture.

  • Jasmine

    I am searching for an apitherapist & bee acupuncturist in Ireland. Can anybody provide contact details for a practitioner please?

  • miriam Sweeney

    I have heard that bee therapy is a help for Arthritis. Myself and my daughter suffer from it. Would like to try it.

    • Evelyn Brennan

      Hi I’m interested in apitherapy to treat my rheumatoid arthritis. How can I receive treatment?

      • Stefan Stangaciu

        For the time being, as far as we know, there are not too many apitherapy practitioners in Ireland and UK... We suggest you will travel to other countries, like Romania, to learn more on this method.

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