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Wisdom | Love | Health | Bees es una puerta de entrada a una comunidad mundial de médicos, naturópatas y otros profesionales comprometidos con el uso de las abejas y los productos de la colmena para prevenir y tratar enfermedades de seres humanos y animales.

La apiterapia no es solo una ciencia, sino también un arte. Los productos de la colmena son extraordinarios para mantenernos sanos, pero también para aportar vitalidad, fuerza y belleza. Los estudios demuestran que los productos de la colmena pueden ralentizar o incluso revertir el envejecimiento.

¡Así que exploremos más sobre estos increíbles productos de colmena!

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Apitherapy and Beehive

Apitherapy and Anatomy

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For the past 20 years, I have dedicated my research and work on the healing benefits of apitherapy. I am honoured and happy to share valuable knowledge on apitherapy with you. Thank you sincerely for taking the time to explore!

ștefan stângaciu, md.

Family Medicine Specialist, Licensed in Acupuncture, Apitherapy, Phytotherapy,
and Aromatherapy

Founder and owner of

Our approach


Although we recognize the value of allopathic medicine, especially in acute diseases and emergencies (traumas, heart attacks, strokes, etc.), our approach on healing is primarily integrative and includes the use of all beehive products, from honey to beehive air.

We believe that in most instances, these particular bee products have a useful synergistic effect, especially when combined with well-individualized diets, herbs, aromatherapy, acupuncture, Ayurveda and a healthy lifestyle based on the concept of harmony at all levels.

Not all people react alike to all treatments, therefore, we encourage a gradual approach with accurate record-keeping, which allows for time to monitor and adjust the treatment methods as needed.

Consultations & Counselling

Online Consultations with Dr. Ștefan Stângaciu

If you have a particular, difficult to cure disease/condition, and everything you tried until now didn’t work for you, you may contact Dr. Stefan Stangaciu and his colleagues and ask for their help.

Also, if you would like to start a new project related to Apitherapy (e.g. building an Apitherapy Center, learning how to make various Apitherapy preparations, etc., etc.), just let us know.


Beehive Products

Más información

Más información



Apitherapy against Multiple Sclerosis

I have MS since the spring of 1999. During two years I took various drugs, of which an experimental drug, some Solumédrol flashes (corticothérapy by perfusion), antidepressants.
I have had various symptoms, such as headaches all the time, a veil on the right eye..

Jean-Michel Cudo

Honey against cataract

A miracle is an exceptional occurrence that is in opposition or independent of the natural laws. We know honey since the beginning of humanity and we still discover its miraculous benefits. The bees collect nectar, then transform it and put it side to nourish itself some;

American Bee Journal
April 2004

Bee stings

We had a case of a close friend of a beekeeper who was diagnosed with a malignant tumor too advanced for possible surgical removal. The apiculturist, faced with the despair of his friend, invited him to the apiary with the affected area uncovered.

Dr. Eduardo Lema
Montevideo, Uruguay

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