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  1. Hi I’ve have some tumours on the side of my nose diagnosed as BCC and wondered if bee venom would kill these fungal looking white tumours. Can you help me please? I live in Wokingham Berkshire, any apitherapy around this area.

    Thank you

  2. I heard about successful stories of bee venome in regenerating damaged nerves ,so i wonder if it can treat optic nerve damage in glucoma .

    • bee venom is normally contra-indicated in glaucoma because it may increase the pressure in the eyes…

      you should try first with propolis and royal jelly eye drops and other similar soft methods, and then, only under medical coordination, micro-bee stings therapy

  3. Hi,

    I’m finding it challenging to find locations in the UK that offer bee sting therapy. I have Lyme and Co-infections and have met a dead end in regards to support from my GP. I have tried alternative roots such as, herbal/ naturopathic remedies with limited results.

    I do not wish to sting myself, I should add. Is there a directory of professionals within this field that you can direct me to?

    Any advice or guidance is much appreciated

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