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  1. I am a doctor from Saudi Arabia and would like to share my 6 years experience of Apitherapy with your Japanese experience. I appreciate if there is any apitherapy conference to share the experiences.
    Best regards
    King Faisal Specialist Hospital

    • Dear Khalid,

      We are organizing almost every month an international apitherapy course & workshop at our Apitherapy Centers located near Bucharest, the capital city of Romania.
      You are welcome to join us.
      Send me more details about yourself and what are the first 10 important new things you would like to learn from us, including the Japanese/Asian micro-apipuncture techniques to: drstangaciu@gmail.com

    I am studying Hoshin or japanese meridian/bee venom therapy in the USA and would like to contact bee venom therapy practitioners in Japan. Is there a Hoshin or Kenkaykai bee venom society in Japan? I have not been able to gather any information and would be very grateful to receive some or at least the contact information of somebody in Japan who might be able to provide me information regarding Hoshin or active bee venom practitioners in Japan.
    Thank you

  3. Am Miss Patrice, the founder of Patvention bee keeping from Kenya, we started extracting pure bee venom, am enquiring if we can be supplying bee venom to your company or if possible connect us with any leads. +254 740906787

    • There are more BV producers than buyers, all over the world…

      You need to convince first your local pharmacists and doctors to create medicinal products based on BV, to fight AIDS, malaria, coronavirus…

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