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Dr. Stefan Stangaciu is delivering, since 1999, training courses worldwide, including through Internet/E-mail and Skype. The courses are regularly updated in response to advances in Apitherapy and bee products science. Our objective is to embed a good understanding of the Apitherapy theory but to ground the course in real-world practice.

Contact us shortly to ask for preliminary details, in case you are interested in improving the human or animal health or on improving the environment and its biodiversity. Our main e-mail is: drstangaciu@gmail.com

Why do you need an online, long distance Apitherapy Course?

There are many reasons for that:

· Each of us has been, is or can be ill some day…

· our family members or friends can be in the same situation and may need our help;

· to prevent diseases is much, much easier than to treat them;

· the classical, allopathic treatments, based only on chemical treatments recommended also by the pharma industry have usually too many adverse reactions, up to life threatening ones, especially in the treatment of chronical diseases;

· the bee products have an extraordinary richness in nutrients and “soft” active compounds which can protect our health efficiently against over 800 diseases ;

· the beekeepers have the second highest longevity among all professions; they are usually strong and generous with their friends all their life. Why? Because they regularly receive their bees “treatment” (good, natural food, and stimulation through the bee stings)

· Apitherapy is also an extraordinary source of knowledge; a good apitherapist has very complex background knowledge of areas such as biologyentomologyagriculturebeekeeping, veterinary medicinebiochemistrypharmacologynatural therapiesclinical medicinepsychology etc., etc.

Probably the most important thing related to Apitherapy is that this multi-millenarian natural healing method can increase your general knowledge and can help you to …help other people in need.

Main goals of AIC

The Apitherapy Internet Course has as main goals to:

· increase the exchange of Apitherapy related information between apitherapists from all over the world;

· teach its students all methods necessary in order to apply Apitherapy with good and very good results;

· teach its students how they can build their own Apitherapy Data Bases, and their own Apitherapy libraries;

· prepare the “ground” for future Apitherapy Clinics or Offices and local (national) further Apitherapy Courses;

· to teach its students that finally, they can better protect Mother-Nature and Human Beings through Apitherapy.

General structure of AIC

The Apitherapy Internet Course consists of over 90 Lessons presented in three levels.

Each Lesson is sent to the students via normal E-mail, as an attached Zip-ed Word document.

After each level, there is a period of free discussions, questions, and comments followed by a short break (normally 1-2 weeks).

The final examination is after level three, by which time all students should have a complete understanding of all of the Lessons.

The “examination” will consist of a series of 90-100 short questions (one question per Lesson), sent to each student by E-mail.

The students are required to send the answers back to the Course leader within 24 hours after receipt of the questions.

Students who score at least 70% correct answers will receive the “Certificate of Completion”.

This certificate will show that the holder has a strong theoretical knowledge of Apitherapy.

Before, during or immediately after the Course, each student will be helped to affiliate with one or more of the existing national/international Apitherapy Societies.

The practical aspects of Apitherapy (especially Bee Venom Therapy), will be covered by the student participating in “hands-on” practical workshops to be arranged, in co-operation with AAS (American Apitherapy Society) and/or UKAS (UK Apitherapy Society), German Apitherapy Society, Apimondia etc. These workshops will reinforce the strong theoretical knowledge of this subject obtained during the Course.

The legal aspects of Apitherapy will be fully discussed at the end of the third level.

The general structure of the Course is very flexible, thus new Lessons can be included depending on requests received from the students.

The Course leader (Dr. Stefan Stangaciu) will offer students private Apitherapy counseling after the second and third level. This counseling will be free of charge. In addition, any questions put by the students during or after the Course will be answered free of charge.

Level ONE

The first 31 Lessons of the Apitherapy Internet Course have as their main goals the introduction of the students to the bases of Apitherapy. In this level will be presented in detail all necessary information related to the bee product origin, types, composition and characteristics. The importance of bees in Nature, humans, and animals will be also discussed in the first Lessons of this level.

After the receipt of Lessons via E-mail there will follow an active phase of discussions, questions, and comments.

It is important that each of the above-mentioned Lessons is completely understood before the Second Level of AIC will begin.

After the questions & answers phase, there will be a short break.

Here below are listed the first 31 Lessons of AIC:


Lesson 2 Apitherapy History

Lesson 3 Bee Biology for Apitherapists

Lesson 4 Importance of bee products for a bee colony

Lesson 5 Importance of Bee Products for Humans and Animals

Bee Products Origin and Types

Lesson 6 Bee Pollen Origin and Types

Lesson 7 Bee Bread Origin and Types

Lesson 8 Honey Origin and Types

Lesson 9 Honeydew Honey Origin and Types

Lesson 10 Propolis Origin and Types

Lesson 11 Beeswax Origin and Types

Lesson 12 Royal Jelly – Origin and Types

Lesson 13 Apilarnil Origin


Lesson 14 Bee Pollen characteristics

Lesson 15 Bee Venom Characteristics

Lesson 16 Honey Characteristics

Lesson 17 Honeydew Honey Characteristics

Lesson 18 Propolis Characteristics

Lesson 19 Beeswax Characteristics

Lesson 20 Royal Jelly Characteristics

Lesson 21 Apilarnil Characteristics


Lesson 22 Bee Pollen Composition

Lesson 23 Bee Bread Composition

Lesson 24 Bee Venom Composition

Lesson 25 Honey Composition

Lesson 26 Honeydew Honey Composition

Lesson 27 Beeswax Composition

Lesson 28 Propolis Composition

Lesson 29 Royal Jelly Composition

Lesson 30 Apilarnil Composition

Lesson 31 General overview on the previous Lessons

First homework for the student

The student must make a PowerPoint based on all previous received Lessons from Level One.

All they need to do is to extract from each Lesson the most important texts, then add, inside the PPT, the best photos/graphics they may find in our Course CD and also on Internet (Wikipedia is a good source).

A good PPT has always very few texts but excellent photos/graphics.

This PPT (after correction/improvement made by us) will be for the present student and future Apitherapy expert an excellent “tool” to promote Apitherapy in his/her country, during all their future lectures and conferences to be offered to the local/regional/national communities.

Level TWO

In this second level of AIC, the students will be able to receive and understand the properties, indications and counter-indications of all main 9 bee products used in Apitherapy:

· Honey

· Honeydew honey

· Propolis

· Beeswax

· Royal Jelly

· Apilarnil

· Bee bread

· Bee pollen

· Bee Venom

A full understanding of this level is vital for the future use of Apitherapy in preventing and/or healing different diseases.

That is why during and/or after this second level the students will be encouraged to address as many as possible questions to us.

Here below are listed the Lessons of this new level:

Bee Products Pharmacological Properties, Effects and Actions

Lesson 32 Introduction of Bee Products Properties.

Lesson 33 Pollen: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, and Actions.

Lesson 34 Bee Bread: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, Actions.

Lesson 35 Bee Venom: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, and Actions.

Lesson 36 Honey: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, and Actions.

Lesson 37 Honeydew Honey: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, and Actions.

Lesson 38 Propolis: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, and Actions.

Lesson 39 Beeswax: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, and Actions.

Lesson 40 Royal jelly: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, Actions.

Lesson 41 Apilarnil: Pharmacological Properties, Effects, Actions


Lesson 42 Introduction to Bee Products Indications. Generalities.

Lesson 43 Pollen Indications.

Lesson 44 Bee Bread Indications.

Lesson 45 Bee Venom Indications.

Lesson 46 Honey Indications.

Lesson 47 Honeydew Honey Indications.

Lesson 48 Propolis Indications.

Lesson 49 Beeswax Indications.

Lesson 50 Royal Jelly Indications.

Lesson 51 Apilarnil Indications.

Counter-indications and Limits

Lesson 52 Bee Products Counter-indications and Limits. A General overview.

Lesson 53 Pollen Counter-indications and Limits.

Lesson 54 Bee Bread Counter-indications and Limits.

Lesson 55 Bee Venom Counter-indications and Limits.

Lesson 56 Honey and Honeydew Honey Counter-indications and Limits.

Lesson 57 Propolis Counter-Indications and Limits.

Lesson 58 Beeswax Counter-indications and Limits.

Lesson 59 Royal Jelly Counter-indications, Adverse Reactions, and Limits.

Lesson 60 Apilarnil Counter-indications, Adverse Reactions, and Limits.

Second homework for the student:

to make a PowerPoint based on all Lessons they already received (Level Two).

Level Three

In this last theoretical phase of the Apitherapy Internet Course, the accent will be put on teaching the students on the best methods of bee products administration (posology).

Strong theoretical bases will be given also related to how “home-made” Apitherapy products can be obtained starting from “raw” bee products.

The main characteristics of the commercially available Apitherapy products will be also discussed.

Mass media presentations, co-operation with the local doctors and authorities and legal aspects of Apitherapy will be also parts of this last theoretical level.

Level three of AIC will have a stronger “practical” aspect.

That is why many Lessons will contain a lot of practical “tips” and “secrets” extremely important in order to achieve a high success in using the bee products for own health and/or practicing Apitherapy.

The full understanding of this level is also vital for the future use of Apitherapy oriented bee products. This level will offer to those interested in a lot of opportunities related to Apitherapy and different possible related “businesses” (manufacturing, distribution, counseling etc., etc.).

During and/or after this third level the students will be also encouraged to address as many as possible questions to their lector(s).

Here below are the main Lessons of level three:

Administration of Bee Products:

Lesson 61 Administration of Bee Products, a General Overview

Lesson 62 Pollen Administration

Lesson 63 Bee Bread Administration

Lesson 64 Bee Venom Administration and Techniques

Lesson 65 Bee Venom Injections vs. Live Bee Stings (M. Simics)

Lesson 66 Honey and Honeydew Honey Administrations

Lesson 67 Propolis Administration

Lesson 68 Beeswax Administration

Lesson 69 Royal Jelly Administration

Lesson 70 Apilarnil Administration

Preparations with Bee Products:

Lesson 71 Preparations: A General Overview

Lesson 72 Pollen preparations, “home-made”

Lesson 73 Bee Bread Preparations

Lesson 74 Bee Venom Preparations

Lesson 75 Honey and Honeydew Honey Preparations

Lesson 76 Propolis Preparations

Lesson 77 Beeswax Preparations

Lesson 78 Royal Jelly Preparations

Lesson 79 Apilarnil Preparations

Commercial Products:

Lesson 80 Commercial Bee Products – a General Overview

Lesson 81 Pollen and Bee Bread in Commercial Products

Lesson 82 Basic Bee Venom in Products

Lesson 83 Honey in Commercial Products

Lesson 84 Propolis in Commercial Products

Lesson 85 Beeswax in Commercial Products

Lesson 86 Royal jelly in Commercial Products

Lesson 87 Apilarnil in Commercial Products

Lesson 88 Marketing, Economical Aspects Related to Apitherapy

Lesson 89 Mass Media Presentations – Rules, Principles, Tips

Lesson 90 Co-operation with your Local Doctors and Authorities

Lesson 91 Legal Aspects of Apitherapy

Lesson 92 An Introduction to Apipuncture

Lesson 93 Management of Bees for Bee Sting Therapy (BST)

Lesson 94 Basics of Apitoxinotherapy.

Lesson 95 Apitherapy Principles

Lesson 96 Apitherapy Cocktail

Lesson 97 Apitherapy against Liver Cirrhosis

Lesson 98 Apitherapy against Cancer

Lesson 99 Apitherapy for Children and their Diseases

Lesson 100 Apitherapy and Standardisation

Third homework for the student:

to make a PowerPoint based on all Lessons they already received (Level Three).

AIC Thesis

Starting with 2003 we decided to implement, before the Final Exam, another kind of a test, to see how big is the desire to learn of our AIC students.

Each student will be asked to write, before the Final Exam with the 100 questions, a small Thesis of about 30-50 pages, on any subject related to Apitherapy he/she likes most. The Thesis must be sent first as Word.doc and then as PowerPoint.

The Thesis can be used later on various ways, including during Mass Media interviews or on any communications/lectures/conferences the graduate will make in the future for his/her local and/or national health practitioners and beekeepers associations.

Final Exam

After 100 Lessons and answers to hundreds of possible questions, the time of the student’s examination will arrive…

This exam needs to establish that the students have achieved a strong theoretical base in Apitherapy and that they have a full understanding of its advantages and also its possible negative effects or even accidents.

The main goal of this exam is to give the student another useful “Lesson”. The one that will show that passing each exam can bring more “order” and deep “satisfaction” in the student’s mind, soul and spirit.

Thus, each student will have enough time (24 hours) to give the answers to the 100 questions.

The questions will be mainly from the given Lessons, but it may touch also non-discussed, but related subjects.

All answers will be analyzed by Dr. Stefan Stangaciu, the Course Coordinator.

In order to pass the exam, one needs at least 70% right answers.

The students who will pass this examination will receive the Course’s diploma (certification of completion) through normal mail.

The students, who do not pass this exam first time, will be offered the chance to participate maximum two more times in future similar exams.

If after these two other tests the student is still unsuccessful, he/she will need to go one more time through all AIC Levels as any other new student.


The Diploma obtained by a successful Final Exam student will show that that student has a strong theoretical base in Apitherapy.

We will officially confirm that to all interested parties each time when this will be necessary.

Of course, unless the local laws permit it, this diploma does not mean that a person who took part in AIC can immediately open an Apitherapy Office, a Center or a Clinic.

However, when there is a great desire to help other people, legal ways to practice Apitherapy will be found, specific from case to case.

Apitherapy will have an ascendant evolution in the future. Many Apitherapy Clinics and later even Colleges will be built.

The fact that you will have already an Apitherapy Diploma before any other person, committee or college will even think about this healing method, will give you an important moral advantage.

Finally what is important is your desire to learn and to help other people to have a healthier life, not passing examination papers.

Knowledge and Love, the main goals we should all have in life, can be very well accomplished through this Course.

Hopefully, you will you join it!


In order to make this Course easily available worldwide, we decided that the fees for this about 100 Lessons private counseling Course + Apitherapy Data Base should be only 400 Euros. Discounts or even free Courses can be offered from case to case.

The Final Examination, sending the diploma, phone calls to students, private counseling etc. will be free of charge.

The fees can be sent by normal checks, bank draft, and wire transfer or by any other suitable (cheaper) methods to the address given personally by the Course’s leader.

Any extra-fees required by banks for money transfer will be paid entirely by the future students. That is why, before sending the money it is always useful to ask the local bank about the cheapest method to send the fees to the mentioned address.

The graduates of the AIC will benefit in the future from many discounts on paying different Apitherapy related services, on buying different bee products or just on accessing different Apitherapy electronic libraries.

Technical computer requirements

Most computer systems and software are sufficiently powerful to provide an excellent transfer of information between the students and their lectors.

The minimal configuration is usually the following one:

Software :

Windows. Office. Word

WinZip. If you have not this software, you can get it from www.winzip.com

The Course program is very flexible, there is no age or time-related limit.

Each participant can study when and where he/she wants to.

Important! The Course is open only to Beekeepers and/or people working in the field of Human or Veterinary Medicine.

It is maybe good to know that the Apitherapy Internet Course has been offered already to over 500 students from the following 84 countries :

Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin (Republic of Benin), Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cameroun, Canada, Czechia, Chile, China, China (Hong Kong), Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Maroc, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nigeria, New Zealand, Nouvelle Caledonie, Oman, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Siria, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Sudan, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, West Indies.

So, if you would like to join our international “Api-Family” too, just let us know.


First step: send us your AIC application form, with all your personal details (name, address, e-mail, website, why do you need to start a career in Apitherapy, etc.).

Second step: if you will be accepted to join our Course, we will give you our bank/PayPal account details. Immediately after your payment, we will start the Course, via E-mail and/or Skype.

105 thoughts on “Apitherapy Internet Course

    • Dear David,

      Thanks for your nice words on our program.
      In order to be able to welcome you in our Courses we need first to know you better.
      So, please send us your application form with all your personal details, including your photo, your mail address, etc.
      Check carefully all pages related to our Courses.

      Looking forward to hearing soon from you,
      Dr Stefan Stangaciu

  1. Bonjour! je suis moi même apiculteur en Polynésie Française et je serais très intéressé de suivre votre cours par internet, comment s’inscrire et combien de temps durera les cours?
    Il y va de soit que cette formation en ligne de l’apithérapie seras un plus pour mon activité d’apiculteur,

    • Bon jour Winchester,

      En tant que apiculteur les portes de notre Cours sont largement ouvert pour vous!

      Premier pas a faire: transmettre votre pre-inscripcion a notre adresse e-mail.

      Dr Stefan Stangaciu

  2. Bonjour
    J’aimerais avoir un peu plus d’ informations concernant vos cours, les coûts et la flexibilité au niveau du temps.

    Je suis dans le domaine des affaires, je travaille environ 50 heures / semaines.

    Je sais que je n’ai pas beaucoup de temps mais depuis près d’un an, moi et mon mari avons acheté une résidence secondaire en campagne et nous y avons débuté une petite apiculture.
    Je suis complètement tombée amoureuse de mes petites abeilles.

    Vous croyez que malgré mon horaire chargé
    Il serait possible pour moi de suivre vos cours?

    • Avec 20-30 minutes par jour d’etude, vous pouvez finir votre cours en moins d’un an.
      Il n’y a pas quand-meme aucune limite de temps…

      J’ai des etudiants qui ont besoin de quelques ans pour obtenir notre certificat…

  3. I live in Canada, I have studied in Russia as a veterinarian, but I am interested now to work in apitherapy .

    Please give me some information for my registration

    Thank you

  4. Hi Dr. Stefan,
    I would like to thank you heartily for your marvelous efforts to spread this precious humanitarian science. I was looking for bee venom courses but in your website I found more than I expected. A true treasure of knowledge that every one should be ambitious to learn and share with other people.
    I have the following questions:
    1- How often each lesson will be emailed to the students?
    2- Will the exams be held on a specific time for all students or it will be held individually?
    3-How the practical bee venom therapy course will be applicable for international students.

    Thank you for your “honey” words…

    Here are my answers:

    1. The Course Lessons are sent gradually to the students, at their simple request, per e-mail. Usually, every month, one Module (in total there are 9 Modules).

    2. The Final Exam is held individually, because the learning speed is different from student to student…

    3. There are many forms of “soft” bee venom therapy that can be applied in every country, provided that a good relationship exists between the apitherapist and the local medical doctors, especially the local allergists…

    • Thank you for your “honey” words…

      Here are my answers:

      1. The Course Lessons are sent gradually to the students, at their simple request, per e-mail. Usually, every month, one Module (in total there are 9 Modules).

      2. The Final Exam is held individually, because the learning speed is different from student to student…

      3. There are many forms of “soft” bee venom therapy that can be applied in every country, provided that a good relationship exists between the apitherapist and the local medical doctors, especially the local allergists…

  5. Quisiera asistir al grupo cibernético,, va traducido al español o sólo es en inglés? Cuanto es en dinero americano? Es Miguel Carbonell de Puerto Rico y mi número Tel 787 751 5609.

  6. Hi, I would love to do this course, I have done basic level with Bee Natura Chile already.
    However now I am unemployed and I cannot afford it.
    So, I will have to wait before I can do this and open my Apitherapy center . Any discount? payment options?

    • The actual price of the Course (over 1 year of study), is very, very low (only 400 Euro). If you have financial difficulties, you can pay your Course also on 3 or 4 installments, at the beginning of the three Levels and before the Final Exam.

  7. Coincido que el futuro de la apicultura está en dar valor agregado a sus productos resaltando sus propiedades medicinales, y para ello, nada mejor que conocerlas y saber administrarlas, algo que el curso lo promete y por la excelencia de sus mentores y profesores, descuento que lo logren.

  8. Bonsoir,

    Tout d’abord un grand merci pour ce que vous faites.
    Je suis actuellement en formation apicole en France , en Bprea. Etant tres interessée par l’apithérapie, je souhaite me former dans ce domaine.

    Quel est le cout de chaque module s’il vous plait? Et pouvons nous nous inscrire a tout moment?

    En vous remerciant.

    Bonnes fetes !

    • Bonsoir,

      Pour le moment le prix total de notre Cours online est de seulement 400 Euro.

      Oui, vous pouvez le payer aussi en 3 paiements (chaque de 133 Euro), mais nous attendons d’abord votre pre-enregistrement par e-mail.

  9. Je suis Camerounais je m interes à l api et j aimerais avoir des cours aujourd’hui je suis Apiculteur je possède des ruché et plusieurs colonies

  10. Hi Stefan and Team,

    To take a long distance Apitherapy Internet Course (AIC) is there any minimum eligibility, I am a post graduate in management ( MBA) do i eligibility of doing this course.
    passionate of honey bee by products.

    Sathesh Gopal

    • In order to be accepted to our Course you need to be either beekeeper or a health practitioner.
      So, if necessary, join your nearest beekeeping association, buy a few beehives and learn how to protect the bees and thus the lives of thousands of other living beings around your apiary…

  11. Hello!
    I’m interested in seeing if you have any scholarships available? I’m located in Texas, USA. I hold a bachelor’s degree in biology, beekeep, and work as a doula. I look forward to your response!
    Warm wishes,

  12. je suis marocain, je me suis fait déjà traité par cette thérapie. et aujourd’hui je l’utilise moi même pour les membres de ma famille. j’aimerais bien apprendre les bases de cette techniques pour pouvoir la pratiquer en toute sécurité et faire du bien aux gens.

  13. Hola estefan estoy interesado en tomar un curso de apiterapia con tigo on line o presencial vivo en canarias si me puedes desir cuanto cuesta y como teno q haser para rrealisar el curso ….mi teléfono 692196617 gracias espero rrespuesta un saludo

  14. I’m a licensed acupuncturist in the State of California, U.S.A. Would your course provide Continuing Education Units to licensed professionals?

    • We are located in Romania, so we can not provide you with the C.E.U.
      We provide you with the needed knowledge and practice know-how necessary to practice afterwards, successfully, the Apitherapy

    • It teaches the basics of medicinal beekeeping. Before or during our Course you should study beekeeping, ideally organic beekeeping, with your nearest beekeeping schools instructors.

  15. Quisiera inscribirme en el curso de Apiterapia por internet (ya que vivo en Argentina). Cuando se realiza el curso.
    Aguardo sus comentarios, saludos Silvia.

  16. Bonjour,
    Je suis du canada. Je suis intéressée par votre formation d’apithérapie. J’ai un rucher. J’aimerais savoir: est-ce qu’il sera possible d’avoir le matériel du cours en format papier ou ce sera simplement pas internet.

  17. Bonjour,
    Je suis Tunisien et j’aime s’inscrire à vos cours d’apithérapie. Qu’elles sont vos conditions d’accès à ces cours par internet ainsi que les modes de paiement. Comment faire pour la partie pratique et plus particulièrement les techniques d’apipuncture.

  18. Hello:
    Does this class certify, specifically, in bee sting therapy? Where is the testing/certification performed? Can it done on line?
    Do I have to take all the courses in order to do obtain this skill?
    What is the cost for your courses?

    Thank you.
    Linda Burroughs

    • Dear Linda,

      Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) should never be performed without the support of all other bee products, a healthy diet and life style.

      We are teaching the whole package, in a very intensive manner, in Romania. See: http://apitherapy.com/courses-workshops/hands-on-practical-workshops/

      If you would like to be better prepared, before coming to our workshops in Romania (next one if August 6-10, 2018), we strongly suggest you, yes, to take our online Course, the Apitherapy Internet Course.

      Send us first your application form.

  19. Hello, am from Nigeria and am interested in Bee vemon therapy. How do I go about the training

  20. Dear friends of the bees and their wonderful creations,
    please provide us with the necessary info how and when can we join?
    Kind regards,
    Younus & Co.
    Western Galloway Beekeepers, Scotland

  21. Está muy interesante el programa del curso solo me gustaría más información sobre el tiempo de duración del curso , costo y que se necesita para iniciar el curso

    • El tiempo del Curso depende 100% de vuestro tiempo libre y pasion por las abejas y apiterapia. Tenemos alumnos que han finalisado el Curso en 6 meses, otros en 3 anos… El costo depende de varios factores individuales. Esperamos vuestra pre-inscripcion para ver si usted puede tomar nuestro Curso. En el Curso pueden entrar solamente las personas que trabajan en la area de salud y/o apicultores

  22. Hello, I have good information about Dr. Stefan Stangaciu and I am very interested in taking the course, I am a beekeeper for more than 30 years, I am very interested in this area. I’m a biologist, a doctor in ecology. At the moment I am a volunteer researcher at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, also work with health.
    Therefore, I need to know the amount and form of payment of the course.

  23. Dear Dr.Stefan,
    I am Pharmacist in Sri Lanka willing to take Apitheraphy Diploma Course. how can I proceed ? please advice. thanks

  24. Bonjours
    Je suis un médecin généraliste algérien intéressé par vos cours.
    Merci de m’envoyer les cours

  25. Good afternoon

    I have just seen your conference in Canada and an interview in Tenerife. It was highly interesting for me.
    I am from Uruguay, South America. Interested in your Aphiterapy course. I am Chemical Engineer and natural beekeeping since 2003. So I consume my hive products but I am only selling my honey, which is pressed, not centrifugally obtained. Nice feedbacks from my costumers. It should be interesting to complement my beekeeping experience and practice with Aphiterapy knowledge.
    I wait for your courses data.
    Thanks a lot in advance, and Congratulations for your good work,
    Álvaro Ferrés

    • There are many forms of “soft” apitherapy that requires no or only a few qualifications.
      Important is to master first the Theory of Apitherapy and immediately afterward, the Practice…

  26. Hello,
    What is the cost of your course now? I have some people who may be interested. I remember having taken your course a long time ago, I am sure it has changed sine then and more information has been added.
    Thank you

  27. Hi Dr. Stangaciu,
    I am George,
    a painter,
    an Art Teacher since 1999,
    an amputee since 1974,
    a self taught prosthetist,
    an amateur musician,
    and a bee lover, although not an owner of bees, yet.

    I have been using bee products and am drawn to bees in general, using them as cure for me, and or painting (in the past).

    Can you make an exception regarding me not being a doctor nor a beehive keeper?


    • Hi George,

      In Greece there are so many good beekeepers and also beekeeping schools.

      Apitherapy without a deep knowledge of the bees is not possible.

      I suggest you will ask your local best beekeepers when and where you can start a hobby-beekeeping course.

      After you will enroll in this Course, just let us know.

      Good luck!

  28. I am a nurse; however, not currently working as I have Lyme. I have read scientific studies that show that bee venom therapy may help. I would like to learn as much as possible to help myself and also help others if it indeed works.

    • Yes, bee venom, together with all other beehive products, a healthy diet and a harmonious lifestyle can help a lot against Lyme disease.
      Bee venom is the most powerful direct enemy of Borrelia burgdorferi et al., but Borrelia is also a “clever” enemy, so patience, flexibility and good will are needed too…
      As a nurse you can join our long distance Apitherapy Course anytime. Just send us your application form

  29. I have the following certificates
    1- Bachelor in agricultural sciences/ Plant protection
    2- M.Sc in beekeeping
    3- Ph.D in biology of honey bee
    Now I am academic lecture teaching honey bee lectures for undergraduate students and post graduate (M.Sc and Ph.D) students.
    I supervised two M.Sc theses on bees and now supervising Ph.D student
    I want to learn more about apitherpay for opening health center using bee products

  30. Buenas tardes:

    Soy una enfermera especialista en terapias naturales y voz a empezar a tratar con apiterapia, estaría interesada en tener información sobre los cursos de apiterapia en español, si tiene cursos on-line aunque yo prefiero presenciales
    Les dejo mi teléfono por si tiene la oportunidad de llamarme . 690258611

    Gracais .


  31. Les saluda Marco Lossio Chacaliaza desde Lima-Perú, quisiera información del curso de Apiterapia.
    Muchas gracias



  33. hola amigo, me interesa mucho el curso, radico en el estado de quintana roo, mexico, soy ingeniero agronomo y apicultor, me llamo ameyal peralta, quisiera saber el costo del cuso, cual es el tiempo aproximado de duracion, y si tienen cursos presenciales alla en su campo experimental? muchas gracias y felicidades.

    • El costo actual es de solamente 400 Euros. La duracion es entre 1 y 2 annos, dependente del tiempo libre de cada participante.
      Si, organizamos todo tipos de cursos, incluso conferencias, talleres, etc.

  34. Bună ziua,
    Ma ocup de cresterea albinelor. Vă rog să imi comunicaţi dacă faceti cursuri de apiterapie in limba română. Cum se pot face acestea? Dacă sunt cursuri acreditate de acest fel, dacă se poat obţine o competenţe pentru o calificare de apiterapeut.
    Cu multumiri, Ana Micleanu

    • In Romania, datorita riscului de alergie, inclusiv soc anafilactic, doar medicii pot practica oficial apiterapia.

      Pentru a invata insa secretele apiculturii medicinale si apiterapiei “blande”, cea care este apropiata mai mult de api-nutritie, masaj, presopunctura, etc., va recomand sa va inscrieti in Societatea Romana de Apiterapie. Vedeti http://www.apiterapie.ro VA ASTEPTAM!!!

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