Guidelines to submit a testimonial

Dear Bee Friend,

If you want to send us a testimonial (or to get one from somebody else) it is extremely important that you give us as many as possible details.

Here is a possible plan for your testimonial:

* Name…… * Sex….

* Age… * Address………

* Write a precise description of the medical history of the person who tells his/her story (what diseases, conditions has he/she had in the past, starting with the childhood).

* Detailed description of the present health status (symptoms, signs, diagnosis given by the MD, but also, if possible, by the Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Homeopath, Ayurveda specialists.

* Detailed description of what treatments have been made in the past and their effects.

* What bee products have been used? In what pharmaceutical forms (raw, tincture, injections, suppositories etc.)? In what doses and in what dosage (3 a day, every second day etc., etc.)?

* What was the evolution of symptoms after taking/using the bee products?

* Was the healing/improvement confirmed by the local MD’s or health practitioners?

* Are there any “material” proofs (X-Rays, blood, urine analysis, EKG, EMG, MRI, etc.)?

* What is the general apitherapy protocol that the patient is following now?

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