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The structure and functioning of capillaries depends on many factors. Most of these factors can be obtained by the cells that constructs/regenerates the capillaries from the beehive products which contains thousands of useful substances.

Bee pollen is excellent for the creation and regeneration of the capillaries. Bee venom helps the blood fluidity and the opening of the capillaries. Honey gives the energy needed for any functioning. Propolis is the best protector against the free radicals, but also against viruses, bacteria… Royal jelly helps the production of thrombocites (platelets), erithrocites (red blood cells) and leucocytes…
The fluidity of the blood depends also on our diet (that should be free of gluten, dairy products from cows, sweets based on sugar, red meat…), on the amount of water we drink, etc., etc.

Here below we will publish some of the articles that should encourage you to study and use more the beehive products.