Krankheiten die man kann mit Apitherapie behandeln

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

19 thoughts on “Krankheiten die man kann mit Apitherapie behandeln

    • Dear Roger,

      There are over 10,000 Apitherapy practitioners all over the world.

      So, there are millions of good testimonials, but they can be found not only in journals but by speaking with the apitherapists themselves…

      To get a feeling of the huge investments done in the study of beehive products, just go to and search for the scientific studies on „Propolis“. You will see as of today over 2,600 studies.

      Only one such study costs at least 50,000 USD…

      Hope I convinced you that it is worthwhile to invest in Apitherapy…

      First step is to visit Romania, which is the most developed country in the world on Apitherapy, especially on Clinical Apitherapy….

      Best regards,
      Dr Stefan Stangaciu

        • There are so many rules and principles that can not be detailed here, in this space. Each person is different, it makes a different form of disease and thus needs a different treatment protocol.
          The beehive products are excellent, especially propolis and bee venom, but without a correct diet and lifestyle the improvement/healing comes much later or not at all. I suggest you will do your best to find in your area a good apitherapist and then help him/her to make a very detailed, personalized, treatment protocol. Also, search with Google „Lyme disease Dr Dietrich Klinghardt“.
          Good luck!

  1. I have a form of neuropathy which has lead to atrophy affecting my calf muscles in both legs. They think it might be hereditary but not sure until tests come back in few months.
    Im 22 now Ive had it since 16 and no positive family history I know both immediate and distant family.

    Would this treatment seem beneficial?

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