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  1. Dear Sirs,
    On 2 occasions (1989, 1981) I had the possibility to visit Cuba, as a SAREC-projekt, to teach artificial insemination of honey bee queens at El Cano Bee Institute. I think I met Dr Adolfo Perez Pineiro together with Josef Stark at the Univ of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.
    I had to learn 3 researchers at the El Cano how to do AI. One was called „Maito“ or something like that. (I can send a photo of these 3 researcher). „Maito“ died a few years later. Is his wife and daughters still living in Habana?
    Now I am working with the VSH-trait in Sweden and I have got some lines from Dr John Harbo, Baton Rouge.
    If I have found the right El Cano institute – please send me an answer.

  2. Buen dia, hace mucho tiempo estoy buscando información sobre cursos de Apiterapia en Cuba, sin éxito.
    Agradeceré me informen sobre el tema, convocatoria, costos, becas, viabilidad. Soy profr. Jubilado y apicultor activo en Veracruz, México.

    De antemano, Gracias.
    Profr. Victoriano Pérez I.

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