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The structure and functioning of the lacrimal glands can be helped too by the beehive products.Honey helps the production of the tears, propolis can work as anti-inflammatory, royal jelly and bee pollen helps the regeneration of the local cells, bee venom, applied as a cream or in form of micro-apip

Sebaceous glands, when with problems, can be treated with honey, propolis, royal jelly, applied locally but also taken internally. If there is an infection, the best bee product is propolis. In case of lack of tonus, or energy, best is honey. If the skin need regeneration, use royal jelly mixed in h

The skin receptors are specialized cells having the same basic needs like any other cell : protection, oxygen, cellular division, hygiene, micro-anabolism, regeneration, communication and coordination with the other cells, energy… To help the structure and functioning of the skin receptors we

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