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All beehive products can help (through various mechanisms of action) in the functioning and structure (creation, regeneration, repairs…) of the large intestine too. Here below we will publish some of the best scientific articles that confirm the above statement.

Several pancreas diseases can be prevented and treated with beehive products. Honey can be used to clean the duodenum and thus allowing the pancreatic juice to run smoothly to the duodenum through the Wirsung and Santorini tubes. This can avoid or treat various forms of pancreatitis that can lead to

Scientific articles on the use of beehive products against liver diseases (Api-Hepatology) For liver regeneration the best bee products are bee pollen and royal jelly For liver protection the best bee product is propolis For liver energy the best bee product is honey Against liver tumors the best be

Many diseases of the mouth cavity (gums, teeth, mouth mucosa…) can be prevented or treated thanks to the useful composition and properties of the beehive products. Propolis for example offers protection against a huge variety of negative factors, starting from the free radicals (oxidation), go