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Aici vom publica articole si informatii legate de toate cele 17 produse apicole, de la miere, propolis, pana la aerul de stup, care se pot utiliza in preventia si tratamentul bolilor umane si animale precum si pentru cresterea fortei fizice (sport) si a frumusetii (cosmetica si medicina estetica).

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23 thoughts on “Prod. apicole

  1. Hi. Can you tell me if drone pupae is safe for men since it contains estrogen? Should I only use male pupae? Thanks

    • Hi David,

      The drone pupae contains traces of estrogens and testosteron, but also many stem cells.

      Important is to start taking them in small amount and check the effect.

      In 99% of the cases the effect is either good or neutral.

      Also, I strongly suggest you to go first to a naturopathic doctor in order to find all causes of the causes of your possible health related disorders.

      When you have the list with the causes, the treatment becomes much easier…

      Best regards,
      Dr Stefan Stangaciu

      PS If you want to learn more on Apilarnil (drone larvae extract) and if you are a beekeeper or a health practitioner, you can join our Apitherapy Internet Course. see our section „Courses” in our website

  2. Hi, I am interested in using Bee Venom to treat my fibromyalgia. I have done some research and I think it may be very helpful. Do you know where I can purchase Bee Venom in Vancouver, Canada?

    • Just contact Mr Michael Simics from Apitronic Services.
      He lives in Richmond, near Vancouver, and will be happy to help you.
      You find his contact details in

      PS To get rid completely of fibromyalgia you may need also to use several other bee products like bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis, besides changing your diet and lifestyle…

  3. I want to purchase bees to sting myself. I have done this years ago for arthritis in my hands. It is time for me to do this again. Where can I get adult bees? I used to get them delivered to my house.

    • All you need is a plate with a few drops of honey and propolis, at the external part of your window. Be patient and the bees will come, daily, of course if the outside temperature will be above 10-12 degrees Celsius.
      In winter, you need to speak with your local beekeepers. They need a special extraction system… If you are in USA, I strongly suggest you to join the AAS (see ).

  4. Hi there, my friend has fibromyalgia and lives in Grafton northern NSW Australia. I know its a long shot but would you know of anybody in thst area that could treat her ,or any info you have for that area. She is a dear friend and I would dearly like to help her. She has suffered for many years.
    Thany-you for any help you can give. Meryl

  5. hey was wondering if bee stings orapitheraphy can also cure or help with any std or other diseases like hsv or any like it? I have a friend who was considering it.

    • Normally yes, it can help, but the human being is extremely complex and many things must be taken into account, including the nutrition, the sleep quality, etc., etc., etc. I suggest you will search in your area a health practitioner specialized in Apitherapy and then ask for his/her help.

  6. Have you used bee products with success for tinnitus (ringing in the ear)? If so, what products and what would be the application. Thank you!

    • The treatment protocol depends entirely on the detailed, complete, hollistic diagnosis.

      If it is a problem of blood flow in the capilaries, vegetarian diet, warm liquids, all beehive products internally, honey and propolis extracts on the ear canal, bee venom cream around the ears, on the sensitive to pressure acupuncture points.

      If it is a problem with the cochlear nerve itself, than royal jelly, high amounts (taken gradually), 10-15 grams/day + bee pollen, 60-80 grams/day + bee venom cream around and on the ears, may help.

      No sweets based on sugar, no ice water, no red meat, no gluten, no diary products, except yogurt + water + honey.

      Good luck!

      After you will solve your problem thanks to the bees, start beekeeping and also join our worldwide apitherapy community…

  7. Hello, I’m writing you from Armenia. I’m 24 years old. I have some serious diseases like Shtrumpel disease, gout, also some autoimunne disorders (sugar diabet 1st type) and also i forebod reumatoid arthritis. As you can see i’m doomed. I’ve heard about apitherapy that it can cure some of this disorders but also heard that it’s contraindicated for those who have diabetes. Please give me a pease of advice..what should i do..what can i do? i’d like very much to try this method. At least just to ease my situation. Thank You very much

  8. انا مشيره من مصر واريد ان اتعلم العلاج بمنتجات نحل العسل فهل يمكنك مساعدتي

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