4 thoughts on “Libros sobre Apiterapia

  1. I’m looking for a book published in the former USSR that if I recall was work done on bee venom and honey by 2 professors. I owned it in 1981 but lost it when I loaned it out and the person who I gave it to passed away. I can not recall the exact title, but it was something like “Honey and bee venom therapy”. The thing that stood out of this work was the use of bee venom as a cure for arthritis and other ailments, by stinging with bees directly on the skin or extracting the bee venom and use subcutaneous injection. There was a therapeutic course explained where one begins by stinging once on the upper arm on the first day, then doubling the mount of stings each day until on the last day you do 112 stings [something along that number]. The pattern was to use both outer upper arms moving down along the arms by about 2 cm, then begin stings on the upper outer thighs moving downward towards the outer knees.

    The other important thing about this work that stood out from other research, was how to make megga dose vitamin containing honey, where the bees are fed with sugar laced with e.g., Vit B complex. It suggested that the bees would make honey from this with megga dose amounts of highly bio-available Vit B complex, due to the bees digestion of the Vitamins. This book would have been quite difficult to get here in Australia, because the former USSR was quite closed off from the rest of the world. I recall it was a photo copied book of the original work that someone had put together, it was well done none the less. But I can not recall how I obtained it. I am hoping a reader might now of this book.

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