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  1. Dear Stefan,
    My old friend, I hope you are very well.
    I have request to you, please delete this information about company:
    Member of the German Apitherapy Society
    Ms. Kate Gurasashvili
    High quality bee venom.
    All about native Caucasian Queen Bees
    47, Mtskheta str. 380079,
    Tbilisi, Georgia.
    Fax/Tel: +99532-998737
    Tel: +99532-383824
    E-mail: floret_k@gol.ge
    Website: beevenomlab.biz/
    Instead of this info, please write as follow:
    Bee Venom Lab LLC
    Head of company
    Ms. Kate Gurasashvili
    High quality bee venom powder
    All about native Caucasian Queen Bees
    Address: 6, Mitskevichi st,
    4th entr 2nd floor, flat#48
    Tbilisi, 0194 Georgia
    Phone: +995322383824
    Mobil +995599101177
    website: http://www.beevenomlab.com
    email: info@beevenomlab.com
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bee.venom.powder/
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ketevan-gurasashvili-437a6319/
    Thank you so much!
    I hope I will attend the apitherapy congress this year…
    Best regards,
    Kate Gurasashvili

    • Bee venom is extremely useful against many diseases, including AIDS. So, the African market is already, potentially, huge for you.
      All you need is to increase the awareness of the African governments and the doctors on the benefits of the beehive products, including bee venom.
      To be taken into consideration by the governments you need knowledge and will power.
      First step is to create in Kenya, together with local researchers, medical doctors, pharmacists and NGO organizations, the Kenyan Apitherapy Association.
      As an association you approach first the Kenyan government and then the rest of the African governments.
      We can help you on this path, with all you need from the «knowledge» point of view.

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