Application form for IACW

Dear Bee and Apitherapy Friend,

In order to pre-register to our 5 days Intensive Apitherapy Course and Workshops ( IACW ) you need to send us first the following data about yourself:


1. Your family and first name, age, gender and profession/occupation.

2. Your full address (with street number, etc.).

3. Your phones, e-mails, website, if available

4. How did you find out about our practical Course ?

5. Do you keep bees or have good contacts with your local beekeepers ?

6. Are you a member in your national Apitherapy Association/Society? If yes, since when?

7. Please list the first three reasons to join our practical Course.

8. What languages do you know best?

9. Please send us your Curriculum vitae . One page on your educational and professional background is enough.

10. A clear photo of yours in a “jpeg” or PDF format.

11. After you will graduate from our theoretical and practical Courses would you like to:

a) become an Apitherapist ?

b) start various Apitherapy related businesses ?

c) create an Apitherapy Center/Clinic ?

12. If you will be accepted to our Courses, what payment method will you chose:

a) wire transfer (inter-banking transfer)

b) PayPal

c) cash, upon arrival in Romania?


Friendly yours,

Dr. Stefan Stangaciu
Apitherapy Internet Course and Workshops Coordinator

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