Hands-on, practical Workshops

Practical workshops necessary to learn all practical skills needed to master the Apitherapy techniques

Once the theory is understood, any Apitherapy student should start thinking on how to best apply what he/she already learned.

We offer practical workshops for beginners , advanced and expert practitioners.

According to the needs of each group, we offer 5 days of intensive training on the following topics:

Medicinal bee plants : how to find, cultivate and use them in Api-Phyto-Aromatherapy.

How to create and run a Medicinal Beekeeping Apiary ; why is this important and how to get the best bee products for medicinal/therapeutically use.

Quality of bee products : how to avoid being cheated by people and companies that adulterate/fake the bee products.

Synthesis on the bee products origin, characteristics, composition, properties, indications, contra-indications, limits and administration of bee products.

Administration techniques of all bee products , including: bee pollen, bee bread, bee venom, floral honey, honeydew honey, propolis, beeswax, beehive air, bee sounds, royal jelly and Apilarnil.

Best ways to make and use the bee products preparations for health , vitality and beauty .

How to make an Apitherapy Cocktail specific to the needs of our patients/customers.

How to best design an Apitherapy protocol.

Diagnostic methods : a) allopathic diagnostic ; b) complementary diagnostic(dermatoglyphology, iridodiagnostic, auriculodiagnostic, Chinese and Ayurvedic diagnostics).

What are my own genetical, physical, psycho-emotional weaknesses/diagnostics? Each student will be examined by the other participants as a real patient.

How to best put into practice the knowledge and “know-how” acquired through the Apitherapy.com Courses and Workshops?
– how to sell now, as a beekeeper, my “apitherapy quality” bee products;
– how to improve now, as a complementary therapist, the quality of life of my customers;
– how to treat now, as a naturopathic/medical doctor, my patients;
– how to create and run an Apitherapy Shop, including on-line shop;
– how to create and run an Apitherapy Center/Spa/Clinic.

The topics can be adapted to the specific needs of each group, so please let us know first what would like to learn each member of your group during our practical Apitherapy workshops.


Our next Intensive Course and Hands-on Practical Workshop on Apitherapy and Apipuncture will be offered in Romania (at the Apitherapy  Centers from Mereni and Stanesti, Dambovita county) from January 23 to 27, 2017.

We have only 3 more free seats in the classroom so hurry-up with your registration!

For any question regarding your learning needs please feel free to contact us.