AIC application form

Dear Bee and Apitherapy Friend,

In order to pre-register to our Apitherapy Internet Course ( AIC ) you need to send us first the following data about yourself:


1. Your family and first name, age, gender and profession/occupation.

2. Your full address (with street number, phone, fax, e-mail, website, if available).

3. How did you find out about our Course ?

4. Do you keep bees or have good contacts with your local beekeepers ?

5. Are you a member in your national Apitherapy Association/Society? If yes, since when?

6. Please list the first three reasons to join our Course.

7. What languages do you know best?

8. Please send us your Curriculum vitae . One page on your educational and professional background is enough.

9. A clear photo of yours in a “jpeg” format (maximum size please 500 Kbytes).

10. After you will graduate from our Course would you like to:

a) become an Apitherapist ?

b) start various Apitherapy related businesses ?

c) create an Apitherapy Center/Clinic ?

11. If you will be accepted to our Course, as a new student, how would you like to pay your Course fees:

a) via wire transfer;

b) via Paypal?


The duration of the Course is 100% up to you. Most of the students are finishing their Course after 6-18 months of study. The fastest ones finish it in 6 months, others in 12 months or more…

As the Course is transmitted at your request, step by step, via E-mail , the timing of your study depends entirely to your own decisions.

In order to be able to join our next AIC class, we will need first of all to know you better, so please send us all your answers to the questions written above.

After we will analyze your answers, we will communicate you if you will be accepted in our Apitherapy training program.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Stefan Stangaciu
Apitherapy Internet Course Coordinator

E-mails: +

13 thoughts on “AIC application form

  1. Buenos dias, mi nombre es Pablo Lechini, hago apicultura organica y estoy interesado en tomar su curso, podria por favor informarme el costo del mismo.
    Desde ya muchas gracias y aguardo su respuesta.

  2. buenos dias, me llamo Jairo soy de Ecuador provincia de imbabura, me interesa el curso de apitherapya la pregunta es cuanto tiene el valor todo el curso?

    • The whole Course costs, for now, only 400 Euro, and it includes all 100 Lessons + corection of the PPT’s, Thesis and the Final Exam made by the students + many personal questions & answers sessions.
      95% of the students preffers to pay the whole Course in only one payment, to reduce the iter-banking transfer fees.

  3. Buenas mi Nombre es Maria Eugenia soy Colombiana me interesa el curso de apiterapia, costo y duracion y cuamdo inician este año

    • Hola Maria Eugenia,

      La duración del Curso depende 100% de la pasión del alumno; puede ser 6 meses o 3 anos…
      El Curso lo iniciamos después la análisis de vuestro formulario de pre-inscripción y el pago del Curso (400 Euro) que incluye también la coordinación de vuestra Tesina de AIC, el Examen final, la transmisión del certificado de participación, las consultas privadas…
      Primer paso para ser registrado es de transmitirnos vuestro formulario de pre-inscripcion.

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