Diseases & Apitherapy

Here we will publish articles, opinions, testimonials, advices related to the use of Apitherapy as a preventative and curative method against hundreds of human and animal diseases…

If you have any of the here below diseases, we will be most likely able to help you with a personalized advice, after a detailed analysis of your diet, lifestyle and genetical structure.

Check first the below list.

Some diseases that can be prevented and/or treated with bee products and Apitherapy

Apitherapy on medical specialties

Consultations with Dr Stefan Stangaciu


The medical efficacy of bee hive product treatments ( Apitherapy ) has not been approved by many countries yet. Therefore, this website, its sponsors and / or contributors make no claims about the safety or efficacy of the therapeutical use of any honeybee products. If you have any medical problem always consult your own physician first!