Propolis articles

You can find in Internet thousands of articles related to Propolis.

In our own personal database, we have also a few good hundreds of articles on this extraordinary beehive product.

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Anti-HIV-1 activity of propolis in CD4+ lymphocyte and microglial cell cultures

Propolis against Gastrointestinal Disorders

Use of Propolis in general health (India)

Antiviral activity of Hatay Propolis (Turkey) against Herpes virus

WP 1066 against renal cancer (British Journal of Cancer)

A review on Honey, Propolis and Royal jelly (Malaysia)(2017)

Physicochemical characteristics of Bacharis propolis


Propolis better at treating Acne than Antibacterial Cream


Propolis helps reduce Complications of Diabetes in Pregnancy


Propolis Extract cures Fungal Nail Infections (Onychomycosis)

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