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  1. Dear Sirs,
    On 2 occasions (1989, 1981) I had the possibility to visit Cuba, as a SAREC-projekt, to teach artificial insemination of honey bee queens at El Cano Bee Institute. I think I met Dr Adolfo Perez Pineiro together with Josef Stark at the Univ of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.
    I had to learn 3 researchers at the El Cano how to do AI. One was called „Maito” or something like that. (I can send a photo of these 3 researcher). „Maito” died a few years later. Is his wife and daughters still living in Habana?
    Now I am working with the VSH-trait in Sweden and I have got some lines from Dr John Harbo, Baton Rouge.
    If I have found the right El Cano institute – please send me an answer.

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