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  1. I suffer staggering foot pain. Since an accident in 2014 and all tests imaginable all I get is a ridiculous array of prescription pain killers.

    None are effective but I’m far to young to endure this daily hell.

    I’m looking at this site as is there anyone in western Victoria near Ballarat who can help?

  2. Hello I am interested in apitherapy. I have some arthritis and tendinitis in my hands. I am in Sydney for 1-2 weeks and live in Bellingen
    Could you give me any phone number contacts for practitioners
    Lana Lubimoff

    • No, at this moment in time (October 2018), I do not know anyone in Perth doing BVT…
      If you find an opened mind medical doctor or naturopathic doctor wanting to learn the basics of Apitherapy and Apipuncture, we will be happy to teach them the best we know, first through our long distance courses and then through hands-on workshops

  3. Hi,
    I have severe tinnitus which is getting worse with age.
    My grandfather used to rant about a single bee sting stopping the ringing in his ears for a week or 2 each time. He had 2-3 hives in back yard, and us family members thought it was just an excuse for getting stung occasionally.
    He died when I was in my teens to scared to try said (crazy) grandpa remidie.
    Now, 25 yrs later I are 1000+% open to trying this.
    So is there anywhere in Victoria who offer this treatment? If not, anywhere in Australia, I’m up to travelling for treatment
    I’m desperate to try and reduce the constant ringing in my ears.
    Thanks in advance for your time in helping.

    • You need first of all to eliminate/neutralize all causes of the causes of your actual situation.
      It may be many causes that affect your local blood flow, in the inner ears, and/or your acoustic nerves.
      There are many methods to improve the local blood flow, but the blood must be clean and have normal (not high) amount of fats and other substances (like gluten) that are too sticky and reduces the blood flow in the capilaries.
      So, first step is to make a good detox.
      Go to a local naturopathic doctor to help you with this, and then search the nearest specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

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