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  1. as i met about the course of apitherapy in different countries,is it viable ? &reliable?I like to study about this therapy.can u help me?

    • There are many conditions to fulfill if you want to become a specialist or even an expert in Apitherapy. Theory is the first step, than the Practice. If you are a beekeeper and/or a health practitioner you can send us your application form to be evaluated.

    • Unfortunately I do not know any Apitherapy specialist in Kerala…
      If you find any medical doctor wanting to be specialised in Apitherapy by us, just let us know. Tell him/her to study the « Courses » section of our website.

    • For the time being I do not know any Apitherapist in Mumbai. Hopefully we will be able to organize in the future Intensive Apitherapy Courses in Mumbai (India), to specialize as many as possible therapists/ayurvedists in Apitherapy too.

    • Hello Alok

      I am looking for BVT and Aptheraphyest in Maharashtra to get live bee sting to cure parkinson. Please let me know if anyone who treat in maharashtra India.

  2. Thanks for your reply can You please let me know the duration of the course and how much expenditure for that work shop.
    Please let me know the details.

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