Dr Stefan Stangaciu’s Apitherapy Centre in Romania

We have created, since 2008, our Apitherapy Centre based on the principles of organic, bio, medicinal beekeeping and integrative medicine. If interested to visit us, for treatments, counselling or intensive Courses & Workshops, just let us know.



albina pe levantica, la Mereni

For the exact location on the map see:

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For any other questions, feel free to contact us through E-mail: drstangaciu@gmail.com , Facebook (Stefan Stangaciu) or Skype (dr.stefan.stangaciu)

12 thoughts on “Dr Stefan Stangaciu’s Apitherapy Centre in Romania

  1. Hi, I am intersted in your apitherapy school. My husband is Romanian and his family lives in Breaza, Prahova, Romania… Are you near Breaza or Bucharest? I would like to possibly take your courses when we visit his family. I speak only English….. I do plan on taking your online course in the next month. Thank you… I was just wondering if you were near Breaza or Bucharest?

    Karen Badea

    • Yes, we have our Apitherapy Centre near Bucharest. Before you will come to get the needed practical skills, you need to master the theory on apitherapy, so yes, it is a very good idea to register first to our long distance Apitherapy Internet Course (AIC). You find the application form here in our website, in the section on “Courses”.

  2. Hi,
    I have a friend living in Serbia thats diagnosed with Multiplex Sclerosis .
    We hear of apitherapy tretments that can cure so i would appreciate if you could let me know are we on a good address ? Do you practice those treatments and what would be the procedure knowing she comes from Serbia.
    I have googled your renowed name and clinic and im looking forward to hearing from you

    Many thanks for the reply
    Regards, Olivera

  3. Bonjour, j’ai pris connaissance de votre site internet grâce à un qui m’a parlé de vous. Mon nom, c’est amarata et je suis le père de deux enfants malades. Ils ont de l’épilepsie avec un retard de développement et une déficience intellectuelle, depuis leurs naissance. J’habite au Canada et mes enfants sont bien pris en charge, sauf que leur état ne s’est pas bien amélioré. Ils prennent des médicaments contre l’épilepsie, ils ne parlent pas et ils ont un grand retard de développement bien que tous les tests sont négatifs (EEG et bien d’autres tests).
    Madame, Monsieur, je viens vous solliciter afin d’avoir votre aide en me donnant des renseignements sur les bienfaits de l’apitherapie. Est-ce que le venin des abeilles ainsi que la gelée royale et le polen peuvent contribuer au développement de mes enfants.
    Je vous prie d’agréer mes sentiments les plus sincères.

    • Bonjour,

      Avec grand probabilite, les produits d’abeille + une diete saine + traitement anti-parasitaire vont aider vos enfants.

      Prenez contact, de ma part, avec le president de l’Association Canadienne d’Apitherapie, Mons. Adrien Thibault. Il a son office a Toronto.

      Bonne chance!

  4. Dr. Stanganciu

    Soy médico Veterinario y Apiterapeuta Colombiano ( trabajo con personas y animales ). Me forme en Canadá y hoy en día hago parte de la Asociación Canadiense de Apiterapia la que usted ha ayudado a fundar. Me pregunto como podemos hacer en Colombia para que usted venga a visitarnos y a dictar un curso en Apiterapia. Eso sería un gran honor y una forma de desarrollar la práctica de la Apiterapía en Colombia que ya va por buen camino.
    Jorge Corredor

  5. Hi
    I have a 8 years old son with juvenil romatoid artrit. I heard apitheraphy may cure my son. Would You please inform ne about it. Also I will come from Turkey . How Long do we have to stay there and hoe about your prızes? Thank You very much

    • To get a good result, the treatment with all beehive products need to be at least 2 years long. You will not be able to stay in Romania, with your son, so long, so I strongly suggest you to search in Turkey your nearest medical doctors willing to treat your son with beehive products.

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